A Dark and Delicious Delight: Cape May Coffee Stout!

Welcome to Sierra Nevada Co.'s Cape May ! This full-bodied has a rich flavor that will make you feel like you're enjoying a cup of coffee on a cool spring morning.

Cape May Coffee Stout is a dark, full-flavored made with dark-roasted malted barley. This gives the beer its distinctively coffee-like and almost chocolately flavor that's balanced by hop bitterness. The combination of flavors creates an experience unlike any other beer.

When drinking this beer, you'll get aromas of dark chocolate, roasted and coffee that give way to the slightly sweet taste of caramelized sugar and a light hop bitterness in the finish. The mouthfeel is smooth and creamy, making it easy to drink even if you don't normally enjoy stouts.

This unique pairs well with a variety of foods, such as burgers, steaks or Mexican dishes. It also makes for an excellent dessert beer—pair it with some chocolate chip cookies or brownies for a decadent treat!

If you're looking for something special to enjoy on your next night out or just want to try something new, Cape May Coffee Stout is sure to be a hit! You can find it at our Brewtique or order it online for pickup inside the Brewtique or delivery right to your door. So grab yourslf a six-pack today and let the bold flavors take you away!

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Popular Brands of Coffee Stout Beer

Coffee Stout beer is brewed by Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. Coffee Stout is a rich, dark malt stout that has been cold-brewed with locally roasted coffee beans for an added layer of flavor. This beer has a creamy body and nutty aroma that is balanced by the subtle sweetness of the coffee. This unique combination makes it a great choice for those looking to enjoy a complex yet flavorful beer.

What Characteristics Define a Stout Beer?

A Stout is a type of beer that has a distinctively dark, full-bodied flavor. It is made with dark-roasted malted barley, which gives it a rich and complex flavor profile that's often likened to coffee or chocolate. The use of (a type of dried flower commonly used in brewing) adds bitterness to the beer and helps to balance out the sweetness from the malt. The combination of flavors creates a unique and delicious beer that is sure to please any beer enthusiast.

Do Coffee Stouts Contain Caffeine?

Coffee Stout beers do contain caffeine, although in significantly lower amounts than regular brewed coffee. This is because most brewers use a much higher ratio of beer to coffee when producing Coffee Stout beers. Generally, the caffeine content of a 12 oz bottle of Coffee Stout is around 20-45 mg, while a cup of brewed coffee usually contains around 95 mg. Caffeine levels also vary from beer to beer and can be affected by the type of beans used and the brewing process. As such, it's best for consumers to check with their favorite brewery for inforation regarding the exact caffeine content of their particular product.

Who is the Owner of Cape May Brewery?

Cape May Brewery is owned by Ryan Krill, Chris Henke and Bob Krill. Ryan Krill founded the brewery in 2011 with his buddy Chris Henke and his father Bob. The trio had a passion for craft beer and wanted to create something special that could be enjoyed by locals and visitors alike. They have since grown the brewery into one of the top craft breweries in New Jersey, producing some of the best beer in the state.


Cape May Coffee Stout from Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. is a full-bodied malt stout that offers a unique coffee-like flavor, coupled with a balanced hop finish. Its dark roasted malted barley gives it a distinctively chocolaty taste, while its hop bitterness ensures you're never overwhelmed by the strong coffee flavor. Whether you order it online for pickup or purchase it in the Tasting Room, this beer is sure to satisfy any stout lover's cravings with its robust flavor profile.

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