The Sweet Price of Cherry Pucker

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The Manufacturer of Cherry Pucker

Jim Beam Brands produces Cherry Pucker, a sweet, tart liqueur flavored with real cherries. This product is manufactured by Jim Beam Brands and has an alcohol proof of 30%. It can be identified by its UPC code 080686394204 and its product code 82627.

Types of Pucker Flavors

There are a variety of delicious flavors of Pucker available, including Watermelon, Grape Gone Wild, Lemonade Lust, Raspberry Rave, Citrus Squeeze, Peach Pucker Liqueur, Primal Peach and Cherry Tease. Each flavor offers a unique taste experience that can be enjoyed on its own or in combination with other . All the flavors are available in different sizes ranging from $8.79 to $28.74 for maximum convenience and affordability.

The Type of Liquor in Pucker

Pucker is a line of fruit-flavored liqueurs made by the DeKuyper company. It is a type of sweetened, flavored liquor, sometimes referred to as a liqueur, cordial, or schnapps. By volume it is 15% alcohol (30 proof), making it relatively low in alcohol content compared to other liquors such as whisky or vodka which typically range from 40-50% alcohol (80-100 proof). This lower alcohol content makes Pucker a great addition to mixed drinks and cocktails where its fruity flavor and sweetness can really shine through.


In conclusion, cherry pucker is an excellent choice for those looking for a sweet and flavorful liqueur. It has a wide range of prices depending on the type of cherry pucker and the brand. Prices range from about $8.79 for Pucker Vodka Flavored Watermelon to $28.74 for Pucker Vodka Flavored Grape Gone Wild. Regardless of the price, cherry pucker offers a unique taste experience that is sure to please any palate.

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