Taste the Summer: Cîroc Red Berry Vodka

Cîroc Red Berry is a luxurious crafted with the highest quality ingredients. Its exquisite taste comes from the combination of five-time distilled French wheat vodka and natural red berry flavors. This combination creates an experience that is smooth, sweet, and refreshing.

This vodka has been designed to be enjoyed neat or in . Its intense berry flavor lends iself well to mixers like cranberry , tonic , and other juices. If you're looking for a simple yet delicious cocktail, try making a Cîroc Red Berry Smash: mix two parts Cîroc Red Berry, one part cranberry juice, and one part lime juice in a shaker filled with ice. Shake and strain into a rocks glass filled with fresh ice cubes.

Cîroc Red Berry also has a distinct aroma that you can enjoy without having to take a sip. Notes of soft summer red and wild berries dominate the nose with a specific emphasis on raspberry notes that create a mellow sweetness. On the palate you will experience ripe and juicy berry flavors followed by a deliciously sweet finish.

Cîroc Red Berry is considered to be an ultra-premium spirit due to its high-end ingredients and unique flavor profile that make it stand out among other vodkas on the market today. With its smooth finish and intense berry flavor, it's no wonder why Cîroc Red Berry is becoming increasingly popular in bars around the world. Whether you're looking for an easy sipping vodka or something special to add to your next cocktail, Cîroc Red Berry will be sure to please your palate!

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Mixing CÎROC Berry for Cocktails and Drinks

To make a delicious red berry punch using CÎROC Red Berry, you will need 50ml of CÎROC Red Berry, 75ml of cranberry juice and 75ml of tonic water. Start by pouring the CÎROC Red Berry into a glass, then top it up with the cranberry juice and tonic water. Give the drink a gentle stir and enjoy!

What Does Red Berry CÎROC Taste Like?

CÎROC Red Berry has a unique flavor profile that is bursting with fresh and sweet berry notes. It is characterized by soft summer red and wild berries, with an emphasis on raspberry notes. This creates a mellow sweetness that is complemented by a smooth and silky finish that warms the palate.

What Is the Alcohol Percentage of CÎROC Vodka Red Berry?

CÎROC vodka red berry is 35% by Volume (ABV) or 70 proof. The nose of the vodka has a bouquet of berries with a hint of jam, a taste that is ripe and juicy with berry flavors, and a deliciously sweet finish.

Number of Ciroc Flavors

Ciroc currently offers nearly a dozen unique flavor variations of its vodka, including peach, coconut, mango, apple, red berry, pineapple, French vanilla, watermelon, white grape and citrus. That's ten delicious flavors to choose from! Whether you're looking for something light and fruity or sweet and creamy, Ciroc has something to satisfy your taste buds.


CÎROC Red Berry is a high-end spirit with aromatic fresh berry flavours. The flavour profile consists of soft summer red and wild berries, mostly centred around raspberry notes. It has a mellow sweetness and a smooth and silky finish that warms the palate. With its 35% ABV and 70 proof, CÎROC Red Berry is the perfect addition to any cocktail or mixed drink, easily adding a delicious berry sweetness that's sure to please any crowd.

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