The Secrets of Jim Beam’s Devil’s Cut Bourbon

Jim Beam Devil's Cut is a unique that has been created to capture the flavor of the lost liquid trapped deep in the wood of the barrel after aging. This liquid, known as the “Devil's Cut,” has been extracted and blended with oher ingredients to create a bold and flavorful bourbon whiskey that stands out from other bourbons.

Jim Beam Devil's Cut is a Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, distilled and aged according to traditional methods that have been used since 1795. The whiskey has an intense flavor profile dominated by wintergreen and mint accents, with notes of wood, honey, orange rind, and sour corn mash. There is a slight sweetness present, but it is mostly driven by the flavor rather than honey like in Jim Beam White.

The unique name of this whiskey comes from distillery slang used for the portion of raw whiskey that evaporates during the aging process. The lost portion due to evaporation is called the ‘Angel's Share' while what remains trapped deep in the wood is known as the ‘Devil's Cut.' By extracting this liquid from its resting place in the barrel, Jim Beam has created an incredibly unique and flavorful whiskey unlike any other on the market today.

Jim Beam Devil's Cut can be enjoyed neat or on-the-rocks as well as mixed into like an Old Fashioned or Manhattan to add depth and complexity to any drink. For thse who enjoy a smooth yet intensely flavored bourbon whiskey, Jim Beam Devil's Cut is definitely one to try!

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Understanding the Process of Making Jim Beam's Devil's Cut

Jim Beam's Devil's Cut is a unique bourbon that has been specially crafted to bring out the full flavor of the wood from which it is aged. To achieve this, Jim Beam uses a proprietary process called “barrel extraction” to draw out the liquid and rich flavors trapped wihin the wood of each barrel. This extracted liquid is then blended with extra-aged Jim Beam Bourbon to create Devil's Cut. The result is a smooth, robust bourbon that features an intense, yet balanced flavor profile that can only be achieved by extracting the liquid found deep within the barrel wood.

Exploring the Origins of the Name ‘Devil's Cut'

The term “Devil's Cut” is an old distillery slang for the whiskey that is trapped in the wood of the barrel during the aging process. This portion of whiskey is often referred to as the “lost” whiskey because it cannot be collected, only estimated. The Devil's Cut name was likely derived from this fact, as it implies that only a devil or other supernatural force could extract such a difficult to reach liquid. It also alludes to the idea that this trapped whiskey may possess a unique flavor or character due to its extended contact with wood.

The Taste of Devil's Cut Whiskey

Jim Beam Devil's Cut is a robust, flavorful whiskey that has a unique wintergreen and minty taste. Its flavor profile is dominated by woody and honey notes, with hints of orange rind and a slight hint of sour corn mash. The rye used to create the whiskey givs it a distinct minty flavor, making it different from the sweeter Jim Beam White which has more prominent honey notes. All in all, it's an enjoyable whiskey that can be enjoyed neat or as part of your favorite cocktail.

The Strength of Devils Cut

Devil's Cut is a 6-year-old whiskey with a 90 proof (45% ABV) content. This whiskey has a unique process of extracting the liquid trapped in the dring aging and incorporating it into the final product, making it one of the strongest whiskeys on the market. The high alcohol content makes Devil's Cut a great choice for those looking for a strong, robust whiskey.

Aging Process of Devils Cut Whiskey

Jim Beam's Devil's Cut whiskey is aged for 6 years, ensuring that it has the depth and complexity of flavors that whiskey connoisseurs have come to expect from the brand. The aging process allows for the whiskey to develop its distinctive vanilla and oak notes, as well as hints of spice and sweetness. During this time, the whiskey absorbs some of the wood particles from the barrel it is aged in, giving it a unique flavor profile that has made Devil's Cut a favorite among whiskey drinkers.


Jim Beam Devil's Cut is an award-winning Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey that is wintergreen and mint forward with wood, honey, orange rind, and a little sour corn mash. It is a unique whiskey that comes from the extraction of the ‘Devil's Cut' which has been trapped deep inside the wood ater aging. With its distinct flavor profile, Jim Beam Devil's Cut has become a popular choice for bourbon connoisseurs across the world. Whether you are looking for something to sip on neat or mix in a favorite cocktail, Jim Beam Devil's Cut is sure to satisfy your craving for excellent quality bourbon.

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