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Drumconrath , a notable brewery located in Fargo, North Dakota, has recently announced that it will be closing its taproom doors in September. The owner, Sam Corr, took to the brewery's Facebook page to share this news with their loyal customers and the local community.

Despite successfully navigating through the challenges posed by the pandemic, expanding distribution to six states, the taproom has unfortunately been underperforming. This unexpected turn of events has led to the difficult decision to shut down the taproom operations.

The taproom, housed in a historic building that was once a locomotive repair shop, holds a significant place in North Dakota's history. Its spacious and sun-drenched interior has been a welcoming space for enthusiasts and locals alike. However, it seems that the taproom's charm and history were not enough to sustain its operations.

Drumconrath Brewing's journey throughout the pandemic has been a testament to their resilience. Despite the many challenges faced by the brewing industry, they managed to expand their distribution to reach customers in six different states. This accomplishment speaks volumes about their dedication and determination to keep their business afloat during uncertain times.

However, the same success did not translate to the taproom. Perhaps it was a combination of factors, including changing consumer preferences and the overall decline in foot traffic due to the pandemic. Whatever the reasons may be, the decision to close the taproom was undoubtedly a difficult one for Sam Corr and the entire Drumconrath Brewing team.

As the closing date approaches, locals and fans of Drumconrath Brewing will have the opportunity to visit the taproom one last time and bid farewell to this beloved establishment. It will undoubtedly be a bittersweet experience, filled with memories and appreciation for the unique atmosphere and quality brews that Drumconrath Brewing has provided over the years.

While the closure of the taproom may come as a disappointment to many, it is essential to recognize the achievements and resilience of Drumconrath Brewing. Their ability to adapt and expand their distribution during challenging times is a testament to their commitment to their craft.

As the industry continues to evolve and face new challenges, it is crucial to support local breweries and businesses. They are the heart and soul of our communities, providing unique experiences and flavors that cannot be replicated. Whether it's through purchasing their products at local retailers or visiting their taprooms, we can all play a part in ensuring the continued success of these establishments.

The closure of Drumconrath Brewing's taproom in Fargo, North Dakota, marks the end of an era for this historic establishment. While the taproom may be closing its doors, the legacy of Drumconrath Brewing will continue through their distribution efforts across multiple states. Let us remember the fond memories and celebrate the resilience of Drumconrath Brewing as we bid farewell to their taproom.

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Is Drumconrath Brewing Closing?

Drumconrath Brewing has announced that it will be closing its taproom. The owner, Sam Corr, took to Facebook to share the news with their followers. Despite the brewery's efforts to expand distribution to six states during the pandemic, the taproom has been underperforming. This decision comes as a result of the taproom's inability to sustain business and meet its financial goals. While the brewery has managed to navigate through the challenges posed by the pandemic, the same success has not been mirrored in the taproom. As a result, Drumconrath Brewing has made the difficult decision to close its taproom doors.


Drumconrath Brewing has made the difficult decision to close its taproom due to underperformance. Despite successfully expanding distribution to six states during the pandemic, the taproom has not experienced the same level of success. Located in a historic locomotive repair shop in Fargo, North Dakota, the brewery's spacious and sun-drenched taproom has unfortunately failed to attract enough customers.

This closure comes as a disappointing blow to the owner, Sam Corr, who had hoped to see the taproom thrive alongside the brewery's distribution efforts. However, it is important to note that the brewery itself will continue to operate and supply its craft beers to the six states it currently serves.

The reasons behind the taproom's underperformance are not explicitly mentioned in the announcement. However, it is likely that factors such as competition from other local establishments, changing consumer preferences, or the impact of the pandemic on customer behavior may have played a role.

While Drumconrath Brewing may be closing its taproom, it is important to acknowledge the brewery's resilience and success in expanding its distribution despite challenging circumstances. It remains to be seen whether the closure of the taproom will have a significant impact on the overall operations and future plans of Drumconrath Brewing.

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