Glendronach Kingsman: Brown-Forman’s Bold Acquisition of a Legendary Single Malt Scotch Whisky

The GlenDronach Kingsman Edition is an exciting and unique , a collaboration between the renowned distillery and the critically acclaimed movie, Kingsman: The Golden Circle. This special edition single whisky has been crafted uing some of the distillery's finest and is sure to delight whiskey lovers everywhere.

This special edition expression of The GlenDronach has been expertly blended by master distiller Billy Walker and his team at the distillery in Scotland. It is crafted from hand-selected casks of aged whisky from the warmest places in their warehouses. The result is a smooth, 95-proof whiskey with a bold flavor profile that includes notes of malt, oak, chocolate, roasted almonds, and black pepper – all complemented by a soft, dry finish with a light spicy kick that lingers for a good long while.

The GlenDronach Kingsman Edition was released in April 2016, following the acquisition of both The GlenDronach and BenRiach Distilleries by Brown-Forman Corporation. With this acquisition came thre outstanding Single Malt Scotch Whisky brands: The GlenDronach, BenRiach, and Glenglassaugh.

This edition of The GlenDronach is truly unique – its vibrant coppery orange color comes from the casks it was aged in as no artificial coloring has been added to it. It's perfect for sipping neat or adding to classic like an Old Fashioned or Manhattan.

If you're loking for something special to add to your collection or for an unforgettable gift for someone special, look no further than The GlenDronach Kingsman Edition! This one-of-a-kind whiskey will be sure to make any occasion extra special!

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The Taste of GlenDronach Whisky

GlenDronach has a bold, robust flavor that is full of character. On the nose, it has notes of dried fruit, toffee, and . On the palate, tere are flavors of rich maltiness, oak, chocolate, roasted almonds and black pepper. The finish is smooth and dry with a light spicy kick that lingers for a good long while. The bright coppery orange color is derived from the casks in which it's aged, as there's no artificial coloring added. Overall it's an exceptionally complex Scotch whisky with an impressive depth and complexity of flavors.

Brown-Forman's Acquisition of GlenDronach

On April 22, 2016, Brown-Forman Corporation announced that it had acquired BenRiach Distillery Company Ltd., and its subsidiaries, Glendronach Distillery and Glenglassaugh Distillery. The deal included the purchase of all three distilleries and the related brands, whiskies, stocks and othr assets. This acquisition solidified Brown-Forman's position as one of the world's leading premium companies.

Who is the Owner of GlenDronach Whisky?

GlenDronach whisky is now owned by the American-based spirits company Brown-Forman, following their acquisition of the brand and two oher Single Malt Scotch Whisky brands (BenRiach and Glenglassaugh) in 2016. Brown-Forman is best known for its iconic Jack Daniel's Whiskey as well as its Woodford Reserve . The GlenDronach whisky distillery was founded in 1826 and has been producing a range of single malt whiskies ever since. Its signature style is characterized by using sherry casks for aging, creating a particularly rich flavor profile.

The Region of GlenDronach Scotch Whisky

The GlenDronach Distillery is located in the Speyside region of Scotland, one of the world's most renowned whisky-producing areas. The distillery is situated on the B9001 off the A97 from Huntly and is on the threshold of Speyside. While Speyside is a part of the larger Highland region, it has its own distinct characteristics when it coms to whisky production and therefore can be considered as its own separate region. The GlenDronach Distillery thus produces whisky that can be described as Speyside single malt Scotch whiskey.

Age of GlenDronach Traditionally Peated

GlenDronach Traditionally Peated is a whisky that takes us back to the year 1826, when the GlenDronach Distillery was first founded. At this time, it was customary in the Highlands to burn peat in the kiln during the barley malting process. This centuries-old practice gives GlenDronach Traditionally Peated its unique flavor and aroma, making it a truly distinctive whisky with a rich history of more than 200 years.

Does GlenDronach Distillery Use Peat in Its Whisky Production?

No, GlenDronach does not typically use peat in the production of its whisky. However, there is one expression – The GlenDronach Peated – that has been created using peated malted barley. This expression offers a unique flavor profile with a smokier character than other GlenDronach whiskies.


In conclusion, Glendronach Kingsman is a premium bourbon whiskey with a bold flavor and smooth finish. It is carefully crafted from hand-selected casks of Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whisky from the warmest places in the warehouse. The whiskey has notes of malt, oak, chocolate, roasted almonds, and black pepper with a soft dry finish and light spicy kick. The acquisition of Glendronach Distillery by Brown-Forman Corporation in 2016 frther solidified this whisky's place within the growing whiskey portfolio. With its unique flavor profile and strong ties to the dynamic characters in the movie “Kingsman: The Golden Circle”, Glendronach Kingsman is sure to be a hit with bourbon lovers everywhere.

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