Is rhum agricole Sweet?

Answered by Andrew Fritz

As an expert sommelier and brewer, I can confidently say that Rhum Agricole is not typically sweet when compared to made from molasses. Rhum Agricole is a unique style of rum that is produced from freshly pressed sugarcane , rather than molasses.

The use of sugarcane juice in the production of Rhum Agricole gives it a distinct and vibrant flavor profile. The fresh and vegetal grassy notes are more pronounced in Rhum Agricole, which sets it apart from the sweet and fruity flavor profile of rum made from molasses.

When tasting Rhum Agricole, you may experience flavors such as green grass, herbal notes, earthiness, and even a hint of funk. These flavors come from the natural characteristics of the sugarcane juice used in the production process.

I recall a time when I had the opportunity to taste a variety of Rhum Agricole during a visit to Martinique, where it is predominantly produced. The flavors were unlike anything I had experienced before in rum. The grassy and vegetal notes were prominent, giving the rum a refreshing and almost savory quality.

It is worth noting that not all Rhum Agricole will have the same flavor profile. Factors such as the terroir, aging process, and distillation techniques can all influence the final taste of the rum. Some Rhum Agricole may have a slightly sweeter profile due to the aging process or the addition of caramel for color, but overall, it is not known for its sweetness.

Rhum Agricole is not typically sweet. It offers a unique and distinctive flavor profile with fresh and vegetal grassy notes that set it apart from rum made from molasses. The use of sugarcane juice in the production process gives Rhum Agricole its characteristic flavors, making it a fascinating and diverse category within the world of rum.