Savoring Spain: Discover the Deliciousness of Lustau Vermut!

Lustau Vermut is a unique and delicious fortified that has been carefully crafted using a selection of Lustau's finest wines, botanicals, and fragrant plants. This Spanish-style originated in the House of Lustau, and it has become a popular choice for those looking for somthing special to sip on or use in a cocktail.

The red vermouth is made with Amontillado and Pedro Ximenez wines that have been infused with 10 different botanicals. This blend creates a sweet yet floral flavor with hints of vanilla on the front end followed by savory herbs and a delicately dry finish. Lustau Vermut Rojo is perfect for making spritz or simply sipping on its own. You can find it nationwide at Whole Foods or order it online throgh Compass Wines.

The white vermouth, known as Lustau Vermut Blanco, is produced uing two types of Lustau wines: a dry, crisp Fino and sweet Moscatel wine. These are blended with ingredients like wormwood, gentian, marjoram, and chamomile to create an intense yet balanced flavor profile with herbal notes and subtle sweetness. This white vermouth is perfect for creating classic martinis or adding depth to any cocktail you mix up.

Whether you're looking for an interesting addition to your home bar or something special to sip on while entertaining guests, Lustau Vermut has something for everyone. So be sure to pick up a bottle next time you're out shopping!

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Is Lustau Sweet Vermouth a Vermut?

Yes, Vermut Lustau is a sweet vermouth. It is made from Lustau's Amontillado and Pedro Ximenez wines that are infused with 10 different botanicals separately. The result is a complex and well-balanced blend of sweet and bitter flavors. The sweetness cmes from the blend of fortified wines and the bitterness from the herbs and spices. This combination creates an intense flavor with a long finish that will linger on the palate for some time.

Enjoying Lustau Vermut: Tips for Drinking

Lustau Vermut is a delightful fortified wine that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. The most popular way to drink it is as a spritz, were you mix one part vermut with two parts soda and a splash of fresh lime . For an extra refreshing , add some muddled fruit such as strawberries or oranges. You can also enjoy it neat, on the rocks, or mixed with other spirits such as gin. It pairs well with light appetizers and makes for a great pre-dinner drink. No matter how you choose to drink it, Lustau Vermut is sure to bring out the best in any cocktail.

The Dryness of Vermut Lustau

Vermut Lustau is a dry vermouth, made with a blend of two wines – a dry, mineral and crisp Fino sherry and a sweet and floral Moscatel wine. The resulting drink is characterized by its dryness, bitterness, and complexity, making it perfect for those who seek out a unique and flavorful vermouth. Its crispness is balanced nicely by the sweetness of the Moscatel, making it suitable for a variety of uses in cocktails or as an accompaniment to food. Overall, this dry vermouth offers an unforgettable experience that can't be found in other vermouths.

When is the Best Time to Drink Vermut?

Vermut can be enjoyed at any time of day, either on its own or in a variety of cocktails. If you're drinking it straight, we recommend pouring it into a small glass or tumbler and enjoying it cold, with or wihout ice.

For an after-work pick-me-up, try pairing your vermut with some light snacks such as charcuterie and cheese. Or for somethng more substantial, why not go for a classic or Americano? They're both delicious ways to enjoy vermut and the perfect accompaniment to a night out. You could even mix up your own concoction of herbs and spices to create something unique.

If you're looking for smething lighter during the day, then why not opt for a refreshing spritz – simply mix your vermut with some water and add a slice of orange or lemon for extra zing.

Whichever way you choose to drink it, make sure you savour eery sip!

Is Lustau a Dry Sherry?

Yes, Lustau Solera Reserva Fino Jarana sherry is a dry sherry. It is aged in American oak casks usng the Soleras y Criaderas system, which is a traditional aging method from Jerez de la Frontera, Spain. Its dryness makes it an ideal aperitif to pair with fresh seafood, smoked salmon and fish, as well as Ibérico ham.

Do You Need to Refrigerate Vermouth?

Yes, vermouth must be refrigerated to maintain its flavor and freshness. Vermouth is an aromatized fortified wine that is made from a combination of herbs, roots, spices and fortified wine. Because of the delicate nature of the ingredients used to make it, vermouth should be stored in the refrigerator and consumed withn a few months of opening. For optimal flavor, store vermouth away from direct light and make sure the bottle is tightly sealed after each use.

What Is The Best Vermouth?

The best vermouth depends on your preference and the occasion. For a classic red vermouth, Gonzales Byass Vermouth La Copa Rojo is a great choice. It is made with a blend of Spanish wines and aromatized with herbs, spices and botanicals for a robust flavor. If you are looking for a white vermouth, Lillet Blanc is an excellent option. It has notes of citrus fruit and quinine that give it a refreshing taste. For a vermouth, Belsazar Rose Vermouth is an excellent pick as it combines floral aromas with fresh fruit flavors. For tose looking for an English-style vermouth, Asterley Bros Estate English Vermouth is worth considering as it has complex herbal notes with subtle sweetness. El Bandarra Rojo makes an ideal gift due to its unique flavor profile of spices, herbs and fruits while Hotel Starlino Rosso Italian Vermouth offers traditionalists an aromatic flavor with hints of vanilla and orange peel.


Lustau Vermut is an incredibly versatile fortified wine that is perfect for a variety of occasions. Whether you're lookng for a sweet and fruity cocktail or a dry and bitter vermouth, Lustau has something for everyone. The Red Vermouth is full of flavor, with sweet vanilla up front followed by savory herbs and a delicately dry finish. The White Vermouth is perfect for those seeking a drier and more bitter drink, with its blend of Fino sherry and Moscatel wines combined with botanicals and fragrant plants. With availability both nationally at Whole Foods as well as online, Lustau Vermut is a wonderful addition to any home bar or special occasion.

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