A Refreshing Taste of Modelo Reserva Tequila Barrel Mexican Lager Beer

Modelo Reserva Barrel Mexican is an innovative blend of classic Mexican lager and aged wood from tequila . This unique beer offers a complex flavor profile that is sure to please the palate of any enthusiast. Its 5.5% ABV makes it a great choice for thse who prefer a milder craft beer, while still providing plenty of flavor.

Upon pouring, Modelo Reserva Tequila Barrel Mexican Lager Beer presents an attractive golden color with a medium-light body and good retention of foam. On the nose, you'll find the one-two punch of agave and wood, with a sweet and cereal-like finish. The taste is surprisingly complex for such an approachable brew, featuring notes of wood, roasted nuts, caramelized sugar, and Citrus fruits.

The flavor profile of Modelo Reserva Tequila Barrel Mexican Lager Beer makes it an ideal companion to many Mexican dishes such as tacos or enchiladas. It also pairs nicely with grilled meats and vegetables due to the complexity of its flavors. This makes it perfect for any summer BBQ or gathering!

Overall, Modelo Reserva Tequila Barrel Mexican Lager Beer is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a flavorful yet approachable craft beer option. With its unique blend of classic lager flavors and aged tequila barrel wood, this brew offers something truly special that can be enjoyed by all sorts of beer drinkers. So if you're looking to add some variety to your craft beer selection, then look no further than Modelo Reserva Tequila Barrel Mexican Lager Beer!

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Tasting Notes for Modelo Reserva

Modelo Reserva has a slightly sweet, cereal-like flavor with subtle notes of agave and wood. Its mouthfeel is medium-light and its finish is smooth, without any sharp or grating notes.

Does Modelo Reserva Include Tequila?

No, Modelo Reserva does not contain tequila. The beer is made with natural flavors and then aged on wood from tequila barrels, which imparts unique complexity and flavor but does not add any actual tequila to the beer.

Alcohol Content in Modelo Reserva

Modelo Reserva Tequila Barrel Mexican Lager Beer Bottles contain 5.5% ABV ( By Volume). This means that for every 100 mL of beer, there is 5.5 mL of pure alcohol. To put it another way, each 12 fl oz bottle of Modelo Reserva contains approximately 0.55 fl oz or 16.4 mL of pure alcohol.


In conclusion, Modelo Reserva Tequila Barrel Mexican Lager Beer is a unique and flavorful brew that is sure to satisfy even the most discerning of beer drinkers. It is an easy-drinking lager that is blended with natural flavors and finished on aged wood from tequila barrels, resulting in a subtly complex flavor profile. With its medium-light body and 5.5% ABV, Modelo Reserva is the perfect beer for any occasion. Whether you are looking for a refreshing drink or something with a little extra kick, this beer offers something for everyone.

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