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Traverse City, Michigan is known for its picturesque landscapes, vibrant downtown, and a burgeoning scene. Among the notable breweries in this charming city, North Peak Brewery stands out as a must-visit destination for enthusiasts. With its rich history, exceptional brews, and prime location, North Peak Brewery is a gem that beer lovers should not miss.

North Peak Brewery is part of a group that recently acquired Mackinaw Co., solidifying its presence at 161 E. Front Street in downtown Traverse City. The $3.2 million acquisition showcases the brewery's commitment to expanding its reach and providing a top-notch experience for its patrons.

The journey of North Peak Brewery began in 2013 when co-owners Rozina Darvesh, Peter Burbridge, and Josh Herbin decided to open a small shop on Agricola Street. Fueled by their passion for craft beer and their business acumen, the trio quickly gained a reputation for their exceptional brews and warm hospitality.

Since its inception, North Peak Brewery has become a well-loved establishment in Traverse City. With a focus on quality and innovation, the brewery has garnered a loyal following of locals and tourists alike. Whether you're a seasoned beer connoisseur or just starting your craft beer journey, North Peak Brewery offers a diverse range of styles and flavors to satisfy every palate.

One of the highlights of North Peak Brewery is its commitment to using locally sourced ingredients. From to grains, the brewery prides itself on supporting local farmers and businesses, resulting in fresh and distinct flavors in every sip. This dedication to local sourcing not only enhances the taste of their beers but also contributes to the vibrant community of Traverse City.

When you step into North Peak Brewery, you'll be greeted by a warm and inviting atmosphere. The rustic yet interior creates a cozy ambiance, perfect for enjoying a pint with friends or family. The knowledgeable and friendly staff adds to the overall experience, offering recommendations and insights into the brewing process.

Speaking of the brewing process, North Peak Brewery takes pride in its craftsmanship. With a team of skilled brewers and state-of-the-art equipment, they create beers that are masterfully balanced, flavorful, and unique. From hop-forward IPAs to smooth and rich stouts, their diverse lineup caters to a wide range of tastes.

As you sit back and savor your pint, don't forget to pair it with delicious food from North Peak Brewery's kitchen. Their menu features a variety of mouthwatering dishes, carefully crafted to complement their beers. Whether you're in the mood for traditional pub fare or more adventurous gourmet options, their culinary offerings will not disappoint.

Beyond its exceptional brews and delectable food, North Peak Brewery also plays an active role in the community. They frequently host events, including beer tastings, live music performances, and fundraisers for local charities. These events provide an opportunity for beer enthusiasts to come together, celebrate their shared passion, and support worthy causes.

North Peak Brewery is a shining star in Traverse City's craft beer scene. With its recent acquisition and prime location, the brewery is poised to continue its growth and success. Whether you're a local looking for a beloved neighborhood haunt or a visitor seeking a taste of Traverse City's vibrant culture, North Peak Brewery is a destination that should be on your list. So, grab a pint, indulge in delicious food, and immerse yourself in the warm and welcoming atmosphere of North Peak Brewery. Cheers!

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Who Owns North Peak Brewery?

North Peak Brewing Co. is co-owned by Jon Carlson, who is also part of a group known as 161 East Front Street TC LLC.


North Peak Brewing Co. is a well-established and respected brewery located in Traverse City. With its prime location in downtown Traverse City, the acquisition of Mackinaw Brewing Co. and its building further solidifies the brewery's presence in the craft beer industry.

Owned and operated by Jon Carlson and a group of passionate individuals, North Peak Brewing Co. has demonstrated a strong commitment to producing high-quality craft beers. Their success can be attributed to their dedication to their craft and their ability to combine a passion for brewing with strong business acumen.

Since its inception, North Peak Brewing Co. has gained a loyal following of craft beer enthusiasts in the local community and beyond. With their diverse range of flavorful and innovative brews, they have consistently delivered exceptional drinking experiences to their customers.

The acquisition of Mackinaw Brewing Co. and its building is a strategic move that will undoubtedly contribute to the continued growth and success of North Peak Brewing Co. This expansion allows them to tap into new markets and further establish their brand as a leader in the craft beer industry.

North Peak Brewing Co. has proven itself as a formidable player in the craft beer scene. With their commitment to quality, innovation, and community, they are well-positioned to continue their upward trajectory and remain a favorite among craft beer enthusiasts for years to come.

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