The Benefits of Polyclar Stabilizers for Beer and Wine

Polyclar is a versatile stabilizer that offers numerous benefits and features for brewers. This single-use PVPP stabilizer is highly effective in selectively removing haze-producing polyphenols, protecting against chill- and permanent-haze development, and preventing the oxidation of flavanoids that contribute to harsh, astringent, and stale flavors in beer.

One of the key advantages of Polyclar is its ability to remove haze-producing polyphenols. Polyphenols are naturally occurring compounds found in beer that can cause haze formation. By selectively adsorbing these polyphenols, Polyclar helps to clarify the beer, resulting in a visually appealing and clear final product.

Another benefit of using Polyclar is its ability to protect against chill haze and permanent haze development. Chill haze occurs when beer becomes hazy or cloudy when refrigerated, while permanent haze refers to haze that remains even when the beer is warm. Polyclar effectively prevents the formation of these hazes, ensuring that the beer maintains its clarity and quality throughout its shelf life.

In addition to its haze-reducing properties, Polyclar also plays a crucial role in preventing the oxidation of flavanoids. Flavanoids are responsible for the flavor and aroma characteristics of beer, and their oxidation can lead to off-flavors and a stale taste. By adsorbing and removing oxygen from the beer, Polyclar helps to preserve the freshness and quality of the beer, allowing the flavors to shine through without any unwanted off-notes.

Polyclar is a composite of purified food-grade carrageenan and specially modified polyvinyl polypyrrolidone (PVPP). This optimized combination makes it an ideal upstream, single-addition product for beer stabilization. It can be easily added to the process, ensuring efficient and effective haze removal and flavor protection.

Polyclar is available in different forms to cater to the specific needs of brewers. Polyclar , for example, is a stabilizer composed of PVPP in granules, making it ideal for correcting and preventing oxidation effects on phenolic substances in white and wines. Its high adsorption capacity for flavanic polyphenols helps prevent maderization and browning phenomena, ensuring the freshness and quality of the wines.

Polyclar V stabilizer, on the other hand, is optimized for rapid polyphenol reduction through micronization of the PVPP polymer. Due to its small particle size, Polyclar V is best removed from the beer through filtration, offering brewers an efficient and reliable method of haze reduction.

Lastly, Polyclar VT stabilizer has a larger particle size that enhances its settling characteristics when added to wine in tanks or vessels. This makes it easier to separate the stabilizer from the wine, ensuring minimal impact on the final product.

Polyclar is a highly effective and versatile beer stabilizer that offers numerous benefits and features for brewers. With its ability to selectively remove haze-producing polyphenols, protect against haze development, and prevent flavor oxidation, Polyclar plays a crucial role in ensuring the clarity, quality, and freshness of beer and wine.

What Is Polyclar Used For?

Polyclar 10 is a type of beer stabilizer that serves several important purposes in the brewing process. Here are the key benefits and features of Polyclar 10:

1. Single-use PVPP stabilizer: Polyclar 10 is a single-use stabilizer that contains polyvinylpolypyrrolidone (PVPP). PVPP is a highly effective substance for removing haze-producing polyphenols from beer.

2. Selective removal of polyphenols: Polyclar 10 is known for its selective removal of polyphenols, which can cause haze in beer. By targeting and removing these substances, Polyclar 10 helps to clarify the beer and improve its appearance.

3. Protection against chill and permanent haze: Polyclar 10 provides protection against both chill haze (temporary haze that appears when beer is cold) and permanent haze (haze that persists even when the beer is warm). This ensures that the beer remains visually appealing to consumers.

4. Prevention of flavor oxidation: Polyclar 10 also plays a crucial role in preventing the oxidation of flavonoids in beer. Flavonoids are compounds that contribute to the flavor profile of beer, but when oxidized, they can result in harsh, astringent, and stale flavors. By inhibiting oxidation, Polyclar 10 helps maintain the fresh and desirable flavors of the beer.

Polyclar 10 is a highly effective beer stabilizer that selectively removes polyphenols, protects against haze development, and prevents the oxidation of flavonoids. Its use in the brewing process results in clearer, more visually appealing, and better-tasting beer.


How Does Polyclar Work?

Polyclar Wine works by utilizing its main active ingredient, polyvinylpolypyrrolidone (PVPP), to stabilize and protect wines from oxidation effects. PVPP is a granular substance that has a high affinity for adsorbing flavanic polyphenols, which are responsible for maderization and browning phenomena in white and rosé wines.

When Polyclar Wine is added to wine, the PVPP granules act as a filter, selectively removing unwanted phenolic compounds from the wine. These phenolic compounds include tannins, pigments, and other oxidizable substances that can lead to undesirable color changes, off-flavors, and aroma defects.

The adsorption process occurs when the PVPP granules come into contact with the wine. The polyphenols bind to the PVPP particles, effectively removing them from the wine matrix. This results in a reduction of the oxidative potential of the wine and helps to maintain its desired color, aroma, and flavor profile.

Polyclar Wine is particularly effective in preventing maderization and browning in white and rosé wines, which are more susceptible to oxidation due to their lower levels of natural antioxidants. By removing the flavanic polyphenols, Polyclar Wine helps to preserve the freshness and stability of these wines, ensuring that they maintain their desired characteristics over time.

Polyclar Wine works by utilizing PVPP to selectively adsorb and remove flavanic polyphenols from wine, preventing oxidation effects such as maderization and browning. This helps to maintain the desired color, aroma, and flavor of the wine, ensuring its quality and stability.


Polyclar is a versatile and effective beer stabilizer and wine clarifier that offers a range of benefits and features. It is specifically designed to remove haze-producing polyphenols, preventing both chill- and permanent-haze development. Additionally, it protects against oxidation of flavanoids, which can lead to unpleasant flavors in beer.

Polyclar 10, in particular, is a single-use PVPP stabilizer that is highly selective in removing haze-producing polyphenols. It provides excellent protection against haze development and helps maintain the quality of beer.

Polyclar Wine is a specialized stabilizer composed of PVPP in granules. It is ideal for correcting and preventing oxidation effects on phenolic substances, which can lead to undesirable maderization and browning phenomena in white and rosé wines.

For rapid polyphenol reduction, Polyclar V stabilizer is micronized to ensure effective removal. It is best removed through filtration, making it suitable for applications where filtration is desired.

On the other hand, Polyclar VT stabilizer has a larger particle size, enhancing its settling characteristics when added to wine in tanks or vessels. This makes it a convenient option for wine producers looking for a settling agent.

Polyclar offers a comprehensive solution for stabilization and clarification needs in both beer and wine production. Its various formulations cater to different requirements, ensuring optimal results and helping producers maintain the desired quality and appearance of their beverages.

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