What alcohol goes with pie?

Answered by Arthur Reyes

When it comes to pairing with pie, there are several options that can complement the flavors and enhance the overall experience. The choice of alcohol will depend on the type of pie and personal preferences. Let's explore some delicious combinations:

1. Fruit Pies:
Wine: A crisp and fruity sparkling wine, such as Prosecco or , can be a delightful pairing with fruit pies like apple or cherry. The effervescence of the wine cuts through the sweetness of the pie and refreshes the palate.
: A semi-sweet or off-dry white wine, like Riesling or Gewürztraminer, can provide a nice balance to the tartness of fruit pies. The floral and fruity notes in these wines complement the natural flavors of the fruits.

2. Cream Pies:
: A smooth and rich whiskey, such as bourbon or whiskey, can add depth and warmth to creamy pies like banana cream or coconut cream. The caramel and vanilla notes in the whiskey harmonize with the creamy textures and enhance the overall richness of the dessert.
: A glass of brandy, whether it's or Armagnac, can be a luxurious pairing for cream pies. The smoothness and subtle sweetness of the brandy add a touch of elegance to the dessert.

3. Chocolate Pies:
– Red Wine: A full-bodied red wine, like Cabernet Sauvignon or Malbec, can be a bold choice to complement the richness of chocolate pies. The tannins in the red wine interact with the cocoa flavors, creating a harmonious balance.
– Stout : Dark and velvety stout beers, such as Guinness or chocolate stouts, can provide a complementary pairing with chocolate pies. The roasted flavors and creamy texture of the beer enhance the chocolatey goodness.

4. Nut Pies:
– Port: A sweet and fortified wine like Port can be a delightful companion to nut pies like pecan or walnut. The nutty and caramelized flavors in the pie resonate with the characteristics of the Port, creating a harmonious match.
– Dark Rum: The warm and rich flavors of dark rum can complement the nuttiness in pies. A splash of rum on top of a warm slice of pecan pie can elevate the overall experience.

Remember, these are just suggestions, and personal preferences play a significant role in pairing alcohol with pie. It's always fun to experiment and find your own unique combinations. Cheers to enjoying delicious pie and great drinks!