What is double mellowed Tennessee whiskey?

Answered by Daniel Conrad

Double mellowed , such as Gentleman Jack, goes through a unique process that sets it apart from other whiskeys. This process involves charcoal mellowing the whiskey not just once, but twice, resulting in a smoother and more refined taste.

To understand the concept of double mellowing, let's first take a look at the traditional process of charcoal mellowing. This step involves filtering the whiskey through charcoal before it is aged in . The charcoal acts as a filter, removing impurities and imparting a smoother flavor profile to the whiskey. This process is commonly known as the Lincoln County Process, named after the county in Tennessee where it originated.

Now, imagine taking this already mellowed whiskey and subjecting it to another round of charcoal filtering after it has matured. This is what makes Gentleman Jack unique. The whiskey is first mellowed through charcoal before aging, and then it undergoes a second charcoal mellowing once it has reached maturity. This additional step further removes any remaining impurities and enhances the smoothness of the whiskey.

The result of this double mellowing process is a whiskey that is exceptionally smooth and velvety on the palate. The flavors are well-balanced, with a good blend of fruitiness and spices. The finish of Gentleman Jack is particularly noteworthy, as it is silky, warm, and pleasant, leaving a lingering impression of its quality.

Personally, I have had the opportunity to taste Gentleman Jack on several occasions, and each time I have been impressed by its smoothness and depth of flavor. It truly stands out among other whiskeys, and the double mellowing process undoubtedly plays a significant role in achieving this exceptional taste.

Double mellowed Tennessee whiskey, exemplified by Gentleman Jack, is a whiskey that has undergone charcoal mellowing not just once, but twice. This unique process enhances the smoothness and flavor profile of the whiskey, resulting in a full-bodied and well-balanced spirit. The double mellowing sets it apart from other whiskeys, making it a truly special and enjoyable drink for whiskey enthusiasts.