What is the history of evil genius beer company?

Answered by Robert Golston

The history of Evil Genius Company is a tale of two friends who turned their passion for great beer into a successful and unique brand. The story begins in 2011 when Luke Bowen and Trevor Hayward, both graduates of Villanova University, decided to start their own brewery.

Luke and Trevor were avid homebrewers and had been experimenting with different beer recipes for years. They had a deep love for craft beer and a desire to create something special. With their combined knowledge and skills, they set out to make their mark in the beer industry.

The name “Evil Genius” was born out of their love for pop culture references and their quirky sense of humor. They wanted their brand to stand out and be memorable, so they started naming their beers after hilarious and clever references to movies, TV shows, and even internet memes.

One of their early beers, “Purple Monkey Dishwasher,” gained popularity for its unique name and delicious taste. This chocolate peanut butter porter became a flagship beer for Evil Genius and set the tone for their brand. They continued to create innovative and flavorful beers with names like “Stacy's Mom” (a Citra ), “I Love Lamp” (a Hefeweizen), and “You're Killing Me Smalls” (a S'mores ).

Evil Genius quickly gained a following and their beers started appearing in bars and restaurants throughout the Philadelphia area. People were drawn to their creative names and were delighted by the quality and taste of their brews. The success of their beers allowed them to expand their operations and increase their production.

In 2017, Evil Genius opened their own taproom and brewery in Philadelphia. This allowed them to have more control over the brewing process and create a space where fans could come and enjoy their beers. The taproom became a popular destination for beer lovers and was a reflection of the fun and inviting atmosphere that Luke and Trevor wanted to create.

Over the years, Evil Genius has continued to grow and gain recognition in the craft beer industry. They have won numerous awards for their beers and have expanded their distribution to include other states. Despite their success, Luke and Trevor have remained true to their roots and continue to brew beer that they are passionate about.

As a beer enthusiast, I have had the pleasure of trying many of Evil Genius' beers, and I can attest to the quality and creativity that goes into each one. Their beers are not only delicious but also bring a sense of fun and excitement to the craft beer world. Whether you're a fan of hoppy IPAs or rich stouts, Evil Genius offers something for everyone.

The history of Evil Genius Beer Company is a story of two friends who turned their love for brewing beer and pop culture into a successful and unique craft beer brand. Their commitment to quality, creativity, and a sense of humor has earned them a dedicated following and a well-deserved place in the craft beer industry.