What type of beer is Dos Perros?

Answered by Michael Blake

Dos Perros is a unique and captivating that falls under the category of a brown . This particular style of beer is known for its rich, malty flavors and moderate hop bitterness. What sets Dos Perros apart from other brown ales is the combination of ingredients and techniques used to create it.

First and foremost, Dos Perros is brewed with a blend of German and English malts. These malts contribute to the beer's deep, caramel-like sweetness and provide a solid foundation for the other flavors to shine through. The use of both German and English malts adds complexity and depth to the beer, creating a harmonious balance between the different flavors.

In addition to the malts, Dos Perros also features German and Czech hop varieties. While brown ales are not typically hop-forward beers, the inclusion of these adds a subtle bitterness and floral, spicy notes to the overall flavor profile. The hops help to counterbalance the sweetness from the malts, resulting in a well-rounded and enjoyable drinking experience.

One interesting aspect of Dos Perros is the use of maize, or corn, in the brewing process. This addition lightens the body of the beer and imparts a subtle hint of sweetness. It also gives Dos Perros a slight Mexican influence, adding a unique twist to the traditional brown ale style.

Personally, I find Dos Perros to be a delightful beer that offers a wonderful combination of flavors. The maltiness is comforting and satisfying, while the hop presence adds a touch of complexity. The use of maize adds an intriguing element, making it stand out from other brown ales I've tried.

Dos Perros is a beer that can be enjoyed by both enthusiasts and those new to the world of beer. Its approachable flavors and balanced profile make it a versatile choice for pairing with a variety of foods, from hearty stews to grilled meats. Whether you're a fan of brown ales or simply looking to explore different beer styles, Dos Perros is definitely worth a try.