Who is the owner of Kurayoshi whiskey?

Answered by Joseph Earl

The owner of Kurayoshi whisky is Matsui Shuzo, a distillery that has been in operation since 1910 in Tottori, Japan. Matsui Shuzo initially started as a shochu distiller, but over the years, they ventured into the production of whisky, gaining recognition for their craftsmanship and quality.

Matsui Shuzo's journey into the world of whisky began in the 1990s when they decided to explore new opportunities and expand their product range. They recognized the growing popularity of whisky both domestically and internationally and saw it as an exciting avenue to showcase their expertise and passion for distillation.

One of the unique aspects of Matsui Shuzo is their commitment to using locally sourced ingredients. Tottori is known for its pristine , which is essential in whisky production. Matsui Shuzo takes advantage of this resource by using the pure, soft water from the Daisen Mountains, which adds a distinct character to their whiskies.

In addition to the water, Matsui Shuzo also focuses on locally grown barley for their whisky production. They carefully select the finest barley from the Tottori region, ensuring that the quality of their whiskies is exceptional and reflective of their terroir.

As an expert sommelier and brewer, I have had the pleasure of tasting Kurayoshi whiskies on several occasions. Each time, I am impressed by the attention to detail and the complexity of flavors present in their expressions. The whiskies have a smooth, well-rounded character with a beautiful balance of sweetness, spice, and oak.

Kurayoshi whiskies are crafted using both traditional and techniques, blending the best of both worlds. Matsui Shuzo employs pot still distillation, which allows for the retention of more flavor compounds, resulting in a fuller-bodied whisky. They also use a variety of cask types, including , , and Mizunara oak, to add depth and complexity to their expressions.

One particular Kurayoshi whisky that left a lasting impression on me is their Pure expression. It is a blend of malt whiskies from various distilleries, including their own, and showcases the art of blending. The nose offers notes of caramel, vanilla, and dried fruits, while the palate is rich and velvety, with hints of chocolate, spices, and a lingering smokiness. It is a truly delightful whisky that exemplifies Matsui Shuzo's dedication to craftsmanship.

Matsui Shuzo, the owner of Kurayoshi whisky, is a distillery with a rich history and a commitment to producing exceptional whiskies. Their use of locally sourced ingredients, attention to detail, and blending expertise sets them apart in the whisky world. Whether you're a whisky enthusiast or new to the world of whisky, exploring the offerings from Matsui Shuzo is a journey worth embarking on.