The Flavor of 19 Crimes the Uprising Red Wine

The Uprising from 19 Crimes is a full-bodied and intense red blend from South Australia that is sure to please even the most discerning of drinkers. With its bold flavors of mocha and caramel, complemented by subtle notes of brown sugar and cinnamon, this medium red with bright ruby hues has just enough complexity to make it truly memorable.

This wine is not just another catchy name – 19 Crimes refers to the number of felonies used to exile convicts from Britain back in 1787, including Jane Castings and John O'Reilly. The Hard Chard and Red Blend bottles are named ater these two individuals as a nod to their historic presence.

On the palate, this red blend is full-bodied and round with a distinct sweetness that makes it both rich and mouth-coating. It has a long finish filled with jammy blackberry and raspberry flavors. With its medium tannins, this wine pairs well with poultry or pasta dishes for an unforgettable meal.

Whether you're lookng for something special for your next dinner party or simply want a memorable glass of wine for yourself, The Uprising Red Wine from 19 Crimes is an excellent choice. With its unique history, bold flavors, and well-balanced profile, you can't go wrong!

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What Type of Wine is 19 Crimes The Uprising?

19 Crimes The Uprising is a full-bodied red wine from South Australia. It is made with a blend of Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Mourvedre grapes. This dry red offers a balance of ripe fruit flavors such as blackberries, plums and cherries, with smooth notes of mocha, caramel and brown sugar. The finish is rounded off with subtle hints of cinnamon for a truly unique taste.

Is 19 Crimes The Uprising Sweet or Dry?

19 Crimes The Uprising is a sweet red blend from Australia. It has a full and round palate with a distinct sweetness that gives the wine a rich and mouth coating finish. On the palate, you'll find notes of jammy blackberry and raspberry flavors. The sweetness of this wine is balanced by its low acidity, making it an easy drinking red blend.

Pairing 19 Crimes Wine with Food

19 Crimes pairs exceptionally well with a wide range of dishes. Its medium body and deep red hue make it a perfect accompaniment to beef, pork, or lamb dishes. The bold fruit flavors and hints of sweet blackberry work perfectly with poultry dishes such as roasted chicken or turkey. The well-balanced tannins also make it an ideal pairing for creamy pastas, lighter seafood meals, and even grilled vegetables. Regardless of what you're serving, 19 Crimes is sure to enhance the flavor profile of your meal.

Which Celebrity Owns 19 Crimes Wine?

The celebrity who owns 19 Crimes wine is Martha Stewart. The and media mogul first partnered with Treasury Wine Estates in 2018 to launch a collection of wines, which were named afer the infamous 19 Crimes sentenced in British colonial Australia in the 1700s and 1800s. The collection includes red wines such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, and Malbec, as well as white wines such as Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. Stewart is involved in every aspect of the brand's development, from curating the flavor profile to designing its labels.

Where Is 19 Crimes Wine From?

19 Crimes wine is from South Eastern Australia. Established in 1788, the 19 Crimes were offenses that were punishable by transportation to Australia. This inspired the creation of 19 Crimes wine, a tribute to these people and their stories. The vineyards are located in some of Australia's most beautiful regions, including Langhorne Creek, McLaren Vale, and Padthaway. The wines offer a unique experience, not only though its flavor but also through its interactive labels which feature life stories of the convicts who have helped shape the country.

The Taste of 19 Crimes Wine

19 Crimes tastes like a bold and fruity red blend, with strong flavors of ripe blackberry and cherry, underpinned by subtle notes of vanilla, clove, and spice. On the palate it is full-bodied and well-balanced, with medium tannins providing structure and leading to a long smooth finish. 19 Crimes has something for everyone, whether you're looking for a bold red for dinner or something more mellow for sipping.

What Grapes Are Used to Make 19 Crimes Wine?

19 Crimes is a blend of Shiraz, Grenache and Mourvedre grapes sourced from across South Eastern Australia. The Shiraz is the dominant grape in the blend, providing full flavours of vanilla, chocolate and cedar spice. The Grenache adds complexity with notes of red berries and spice while Mourvedre adds structure and texture. All three grapes are aged in American oak to provide added depth and flavor.


19 Crimes The Uprising is a full-bodied and robust red blend made from a unique combination of grapes. It has a deep red color with bright ruby hues, intense notes of mocha and caramel, and subtle flavors of brown sugar and cinnamon. The palate is full, round, sweet, and rich with jammy blackberry and raspberry flavors. With its well-balanced structure of medium tannins and bold fruit flavors, this wine pairs well with poultry or pasta dishes. 19 Crimes The Uprising is an excellent choice for any occasion that calls for a bold yet approachable red blend.

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