Satisfy Your Thirst with Cisco Fruit Wine: Now Available for Purchase!

Are you looking to enjoy a fruity and flavorful ? Look no further than Cisco Fruit ! This unique alcoholic beverage is produced by the Canandaigua winery in New York, and it packs quite a punch with an content of 20%, almost twice that of most wines and four times that of wine coolers.

Cisco Fruit Wine has been making waves as of late, after the Washington-based Center for Science in the Public Interest and the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence learned of complaints abut the wine and began a public campaign to persuade retailers to stop selling the product. Despite this controversy, Cisco remains one of the most popular fruit wines on the market.

The best way to get your hands on Cisco Fruit Wine is by ordering it online with Instacart. You can easily choose from a variety of local and national retailers near you, as well as enjoy on-demand contactless delivery or pickup within 2 hours. Prices may vary depending on retailer, but you can expect to typically pay around $8-$10 for a half liter (500 mL) bottle.

In addition to its delicious taste, Cisco Fruit Wine is also low in calories compared to many other alcoholic beverages, with only 115 calories per 5 ounces serving. It also contains no sulfites or any artificial flavors or colors. So if you're looking for a fruity yet low calorie beverage that packs quite a punch, then consider giving Cisco Fruit Wine a try!

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Can You Still Purchase Cisco Wine?

You can still buy Cisco Wine! Cisco Fruit Wine is available for purchase online with Instacart. Simply search for “Cisco Fruit Wine” in the Instacart search bar, and you'll see a selection of retailers that offer it. You can order from local and national retailers and have your wine delivered or picked up within 2 hours. Enjoy!

Cisco Wine: Who is the Manufacturer?

Cisco is a fruit-flavored beverage produced by the Canandaigua winery, located in New York. The winery has been producing high-quality wines and other alcoholic beverages since 1872. Cisco is made with all-natural ingredients, including grape and natural flavors, and has an alcohol content of 20 percent – almost twice the amount of most wines and four times the amount of wine coolers. Canandaigua Winery is committed to providing great tasting products that are sure to surprise their customers.

The Fate of Cisco Wine

Cisco wine, a flavored wine product with an unusually high alcohol content, has agreed to stop advertising itself as a low-alcohol, single-serving drink. This came after the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) raised concerns that the company was misleading consumers by implying that each can of Cisco was equivalent to one serving of alcohol. The FTC also warned that because each can contained more than four times the amount of alcohol as a standard , it could pose a risk to consumers who might not be aware of how much alcohol they were consuming. In response to these warnings, Cisco has agreed to stop advertising in this manner and to warn potential customers abot the potential health risks associated with consuming their product.

The Strength of Cisco Wine

Cisco wine is an incredibly strong alcoholic beverage, with an alcohol content of 20 percent. This is significantly higher than that of a typical wine cooler, which typically has an alcohol content of 4 percent. Because of its high potency, Cisco has become known among youths as “liquid crack” due to its powerful effect. It's important to note that such a strong drink could be potentially lethal if consumed in excess.


Cisco Wine is a unique and flavorful beverage that has been the subject of some controversy. The high alcohol content of this product makes it appealing to many people, but also raises concerns about its potential misuse. As with any alcoholic product, it is important to consume responsibly and in moderation. While the product can be found at various retailers throughout the United States, customers should always check store information, prices and sizes before making their purchase. Ultimately, Cisco Wine provides an interesting and unique alternative to traditional wines and is worth trying out for those looking for something a little different.

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