The Perfect Balance of Sweet and Strong: Smirnoff Blue!

If you're looking for a smooth, high-quality , look no further than Smirnoff Blue. This premium spirit is triple distilled and filtered ten times to ensure maximum purity and a smooth finish. Smirnoff Blue has earned its nickname “Formula 57” due to its higher proof compared to the red label. It's the perfect base for martinis and other vodka creations, as well as mixed drinks.

Smirnoff Blue has a clean, crisp taste with a hint of sweetness and a grainy aroma. Its 50% ABV gives it an extra kick without being too overpowering. The distillation process for Smirnoff Blue allows for some of the more subtle flavors of the grains used in production to shine through as well, giving it an unique flavor profile not found in other vodkas.

Smirnoff Blue is perfect for any occasion – from having friends over for dinner or hitting up your local bar – this vodka can handle it all. Thanks to its smooth taste and quality ingredients, you can be sure that whatever you mix with Smirnoff Blue will turn out delicious every time! So don't be afraid to experiment by creating your own signature or mixing up classic recipes with a twist!

Whether you're just starting out your night or winding down after a long evening, make sure you always have Smirnoff Blue on hand! With its smooth finish and unbeatable flavor profile, this vodka is sure to keep everyone happy troughout the night!

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What Is the Flavor of Smirnoff Blue?

Smirnoff Blue is a premium vodka with a clean, grainy aroma. Its taste is crisp and balanced, featuring both sweet and strong notes. There is also a hint of vanilla that rounds out the flavor profile. The finish is smooth and refreshing, making it an ideal choice for any occasion.

Can Smirnoff Vodka Make You Intoxicated?

Yes, Smirnoff can get you drunk. It has an by Volume (ABV) of 5%, which is the same as a regular . Consuming three to four twelve-ounce shots of Smirnoff Ice will push your Blood Alcohol Level (BAC) to 0.08%, which is the legal limit for intoxication in many countries. If you want to avoid getting drunk, it is important to be aware of your own alcohol tolerance and consume alcohol in moderation.

The Taste of Blue Vodka

Blue Vodka has a smooth, clean flavor with hints of citrus and sweetness. On the nose, it has a light aroma of apricot, kumquat and lime peel. Upon tasting, it has a crisp and dry mouthfeel with subtle yet distinctive fruit flavors of apricot and kumquat. It finishes on the tongue with a medium length finish that lingers and leaves shades of lime peel.


Smirnoff Blue is a high-quality super-premium vodka that has been triple-distilled and filtered 10 times. It is smooth, clean, and crisp with a slight hint of sweetness. The 50% ABV ensures a strong and consistent flavor profile that works well in any mixers or vodka creations, such as martinis. Its unique production process makes it a great choice for anyone looking for an exceptional quality vodka.

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