Finding Smithwick’s: A Guide to the Best Beer Near You!

If you're looking for a classic to enjoy this St. Patrick's Day, look no further than Smithwick's! Established in 1710, Smithwick's is one of the oldest and most well-known Irish beers. It is an Irish red that is smooth and full-bodied with a deep ruby red color. The sweet malty taste is balanced by subtle hop bitterness and a hint of fruitiness, making it a popular choice for many beer drinkers.

Smithwick's is now brewed in Dublin by Diageo, the world's largest producer of and beer. You can find Smithwick's at pubs and liquor stores throughout Ireland and many other countries around the world. Here in the United States, you can find Smithwick's at most local bars and restaurants or you can purchase it online from specialty retailers like Total & More or BevMo!

In addition to their classic Irish red ale, Smithwick's also produces Kilkenny Irish Cream Ale which has a taste very similar to Smithwick's but much creamier. This smooth, beer-based features Guinness draught layered atop another Irish brew — Smithwick's red ale — creating a unique flavor profile that will please even the most discerning beer enthusiast!

So this St. Patrick's Day, why not add some extra luck to your celebrations with a pint (or two!) of Smithwick's? There are plnty of places near you where you can find this classic brew – just use an online search engine like Google or Yelp to locate your nearest pub or liquor store that stocks it! Sláinte!

Is Smithwicks Beer Still Being Produced?

Yes, Smithwick's beer is still being produced. Production of all Smithwick's and Kilkenny branded beers moved to Dublin in 2013 when the Kilkenny brewery was shut down, however Diageo, the distributor of Smithwick's, is still producing the Irish red ale today. The old brewery has also been converted into a visitor experience where visitors can learn more about the history of Smithwick's and its production process.

Similar Beers to Smithwicks

Kilkenny Irish Cream Ale is a beer that shares many similarities with Smithwicks. It has a creamy texture due to nitrogen being used in the carbonation process and less pronounced , resulting in a smooth taste. It is an old brew, and those who have tried it often compare its flavor to that of Smithwicks. The sweeter notes of Kilkenny are more prominent than the bitterness of Smithwicks, making it an excellent choice for those looking for something similar to Smithwicks but with a unique flavor profile.

The Popularity of Smithwicks and Guinness

Smithwicks and Guinness is a popular beer-based beverage known as a ‘Black and Tan.' The drink is made by slowly pouring a light-colored beer – typically Smithwick's red ale – over a darker beer, such as Guinness draught. The result is a distinct two-toned appearance, with the dark settling on the bottom and the red ale floating on top. The drink has become a favorite of many Irish pubs and makes for an especially festive addition to St. Patrick's Day celebrations.

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Can You Drink Smithwicks From a Can?

Yes, you can drink Smithwicks from the can! The new 330ml can format is perfect for enjoying a refreshing Smithwicks in a more casual setting. The cans are designed to be easily recyclable and lightweight, making them great for bringing along on hikes or to summer barbecues. Plus, the small size makes it easy to share with friends while still getting your desired amount of beer. So go ahead and enjoy a Smithwicks in the can – you won't be disappointed!

Do Irish People Consume Smithwicks?

Yes, Irish people do drink Smithwicks. This beer has been a part of the country's culture for centuries. It was fist brewed in Kilkenny by John Smithwick in 1710 and is now produced by Guinness & Co. at their St. James's Gate brewery in Dublin. Smithwicks is a classic Irish red ale, with a malty flavour and light hop bitterness. It is commonly enjoyed in pubs around Ireland, often accompanied by a traditional Irish meal such as Shepherd's Pie or Bangers and Mash. Many people also enjoy it as an accompaniment to other activities, such as watching Gaelic sports or listening to traditional Irish music.

What is the Taste of Smithwicks?

Smithwick's Red Ale has a unique and refreshing taste. It starts with a mild hop bitterness, followed by sweet and roasted barley flavours. The hop bitterness is balanced out by the sweetness of the malt, creating an enjoyable flavour profile. The ruby red colour adds to the beer's distinctiveness, and enhances its smoothness on the palate. All in all, Smithwick's Red Ale is a delicious beer with a well-rounded taste that is sure to please any beer enthusiast.


Smithwick's is an iconic Irish beer with a rich history. It has been brewed snce 1710 and has become one of the most recognizable Irish beers in the world. The smooth, beer-based beverage features Guinness draught layered atop Smithwick's red ale, giving it a unique flavor that has made it a favorite among many beer enthusiasts. With the closure of the Kilkenny brewery in 2013, production of all Smithwick's and Kilkenny branded beers moved to Dublin. However, it is still possible to find Smithwick's in many pubs and stores near you. Whether you're looking for a classic pint or something special for St Patrick's Day, Smithwick's is sure to be the perfect choice!

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