Who Owns Meiomi Wine

The Meiomi brand has been a staple in California winemaking for over a decade. Founded by Joe Wagner, the fifh generation winemaker and founder of Belle Glos, Meiomi quickly gained attention for its quality and affordability.

In 2019, Constellation Brands acquired Meiomi from Wagner's Copper Cane Wines & Provisions. The deal was worth $315 million, cementing Wagner's position as one of the most successful wine entrepreneurs in history.

Meiomi produces a variety of wines, all with a consistent level of quality and affordability that have made it so beloved over the years. It offers sevn different types of wines including Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, , Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Red Blend.

Since its acquisition by Constellation Brands, Meiomi has seen significant growth in both sales and production capabilities—a testament to Wagner's vision for the brand and Constellation Brands' commitment to supporting his vision.

At the heart of this success is Joe Wagner himself: As an experienced winemaker with a passion for Pinot noir and decades of expertise in California winegrowing regions, he is dedicated to creating delicious wines at an affordable price point—something that he has achieved with Meiomi sine its inception.

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The Owner of Meiomi Wine

Joe Wagner is the owner of Meiomi wine. He is the founder and winemaker of the Belle Glos and Meiomi Pinot Noir brands, and has recently formed his new wine company Copper Cane Wines & Provisions. Wagner is renowned for his expertise in winemaking, particularly when it coms to crafting high quality Pinot Noir wines. He has been involved with Meiomi since its launch in 2006 and has earned numerous awards for his work on the brand.

Joe Wagner's Sale of Meiomi

Joe Wagner has agreed to sell his Meiomi brand to Constellation Brands for an impressive sum of $315 million. This is a significant amount that reflects the success of the Meiomi wine brand and Joe Wagner's business savvy. The sale is a major step forward for Joe Wagner, who has been steadily growing the Meiomi brand since its launch in 2006, and it is also a big step for Constellation Brands, who are aiming to become an even bigger player in the California wine business.

The History of Meiomi Ownership

Joe Wagner used to own Meiomi prior to it being sold to Constellation Brands in 2016. Wagner founded Meiomi in 2006 and grew it from a small, family-run winery into one of the most popular Pinot Noir brands on the market. He did this through his business Copper Cane Wine and Provisions, which housed Meiomi along with other labels. When Wagner sold Meiomi to Constellation Brands for $315 million, he kept Belle Glos, his own pinot noir brand that does more than 100,000 cases annually.

Is Meiomi Pinot Noir a True Representation of the Variety?

Yes, Meiomi is a true Pinot Noir. Made in the classic style, this wine is crafted from grapes sourced from three distinct regions – Sonoma County, Monterey County and Santa Barbara County. All three vineyards are located wthin California's Central Coast AVA (American Viticultural Area) and bring their own unique characteristics to the wine. By blending fruit from these distinctive regions together, Meiomi is able to create a balanced and flavorful Pinot Noir that honors the varietal's classic characteristics. The wine has flavors of dark cherry, raspberry, vanilla and cocoa, while aromas of blackberry, violet and clove spice add complexity to the nose. This full-bodied red has a silky texture with moderate tannins and a long finish. Overall, Meiomi Pinot Noir is a great representation of California Pinot Noir that is sure to please any fan of the varietal.

Pronunciation of Meiomi Wine

Meiomi is pronounced “may-OH-mee”, and is one of the most popular California Pinot Noirs on the market today. With over 550,000 cases of the 2014 vintage produced, it's a great choice for thoe looking to enjoy a high-quality wine at an affordable price.

Sugar Content of Meiomi Wine

Yes, Meiomi wine is high in sugar compared to most other wines. It has a residual sugar level of 12-16 grams per liter, which exceeds the European Union's standard of 9 grams per liter for table wines. This means that Meiomi wine contains more sugar than the average wine. However, this sweetness usually comes from the use of ripe grapes, which can also add complexity and balance to the flavor profile of the wine.


Joe Wagner, the founder and winemaker of Belle Glos and Meiomi Pinot Noir brands has sold his Meiomi brand to Constellation Brands for $315 million. The sale marks a milestone in Joe's career, as it is the cornerstone of his business philosophy that has made him one of the most successful wine entrepreneurs in history. As a result, Constellation Brands now owns Meiomi Wine, while Joe Wagner sill owns Belle Glos and other labels through Copper Cane Wines & Provisions.

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