The Robust and Spicy Flavors of Mollydooker Boxer Wines!

Mollydooker Wines is a family estate in the McLaren Vale district of South Australia, renowned for ther full-bodied, silky red wines. The winery has gained global recognition for its high quality wines and has been awarded five 99-point Advocate scores by renowned wine critic Robert Parker.

At Mollydooker, the focus is firmly on Shiraz. The wine style is robust and spicy with a slightly sweet finish, making it an ideal accompaniment to any meal or a pleasure to sip alone. Mollydooker's Shiraz is made usig classic Australian grape varieties like Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon.

In order to ensure that the wines retain their full flavor and complexity, they use a unique method of preserving them called nitrogen preservation. To do this, they fill each bottle with inert gas nitrogen before capping it off and inverting it several times. This method helps preserve the aroma and taste of the wine wile preventing oxidation.

Mollydooker Wines are widely available throughout South Australia and can be found in many local liquor stores. Whether you're looking for a rich red to pair with dinner or just want to enjoy a glass of something special on your own, Mollydooker Wines has you covered! So go ahead and give them a try – you won't be disappointed!

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The Quality of Mollydooker Wines

Yes, Mollydooker is a very good wine! The Australian winery has earned a stellar reputation for producing high-quality wines that have been praised by wine critics around the world. Their wines have earned five 99-point scores from renowned wine critic Robert Parker and are consistently highly rated in tastings. The winery produces a range of full-bodied reds, including teir signature ‘Marquis' blend and Shiraz, as well as some stunning whites. All of their wines are made with grapes grown in the McLaren Vale region of South Australia and are known for their intense aromas and flavors. If you're looking for an excellent bottle of wine, Mollydooker is an excellent choice!

Is Mollydooker Wine Sweet?

Mollydooker wines are known for their bold flavor profile, with a range of styles from light and fruity to full-bodied and spicy. While some of the Mollydooker wines have a hint of sweetness, others may be more dry and even tannic in character. In general, the sweetness level of Mollydooker wines depends on the grape variety used, as well as the winemaking style employed. For example, Shiraz grapes often produce wines that are robust and spicy with a slightly sweet finish, whie Cabernet Sauvignon can yield dry and tannic wines. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to determine which Mollydooker wine best suits their palate.

Mollydooker Wine Origin

Mollydooker Wines is a family-run winery located in the McLaren Vale region of South Australia. This picturesque region is renowned for producing some of Australia's most full-bodied and silky red wines, made from classic grape varieties like Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon. The estate itself is situated near the coastal town of Willunga, surrounded by rolling hills and vineyards that have been carefully nurtured over the past two decades. With its Mediterranean climate and rich soil, McLaren Vale provies perfect conditions for producing these high quality wines, resulting in deep colors and intense aromas. If you're looking for an Australian wine with bold flavor and complexity, Mollydooker Wines from McLaren Vale are sure to provide a unique experience.

Enjoying Mollydooker Wines

To get the best experience when drinking Mollydooker wine, it is recommended that you pour out half a glass of wine, put the cap back in, invert the bottle, and shake it vigorously. This process helps to redistribute nitrogen, an inert gas used in Mollydooker wines to help preserve their flavors. After shaking the bottle, allow the wine to settle for a few minutes before pouring and serving. Enjoy!

The Benefits of Shaking Mollydooker Wine

Shaking Mollydooker wine is an important part of the winemaking process. We use nitrogen to protect and preserve the flavour of the wine and reduce the amount of sulphites in it. This nitrogen needs to be released in order for the full flavour potential to be achieved. When you shake Mollydooker wine, it releases this nitrogen and brings out all the delicious flavours of the wine, making it even more enjoyable to drink!

When Is the Best Time to Take Mollydooker Shake?

Mollydooker Shake is a patented method of shaking the bottle to mix the sediment in with the wine, allowing it to age faster. This technique should only be used on our red wines that are two years old or younger from their vintage date. You should not shake any of our whites or rosés, as they are made with very little nitrogen and rely on carbon dioxide produced during primary fermentation to protect them from oxidation.

To take advantage of Mollydooker Shake, you should gently shake your bottles for about 30 seconds. This will help mix the sediment into the wine, allowing it to age faster and taste better. Make sure you don't shake too hard or for too long, as this can damage the wine and reduce its quality. After shaking your bottles, let them sit for at least 12 hours before drinking them so that the flavors can fully develop.


Mollydooker Wines is a well-respected family estate winery in the McLaren Vale district of South Australia. Their full-bodied, silky red wines, made from classic Australian grape varieties like Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon, are renowned for ther robust and spicy flavors with a slightly sweet finish. Not only have they received five 99-point Wine Advocate scores by renowned wine critic Robert Parker, but their unique use of nitrogen to help preserve their wines gives them an extra edge. For these reasons, Mollydooker Wines is highly praised globally for its award-winning wines and creative approach to winemaking.

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