A Look Back at 30 Years of SoBe Drinks

Welcome to the world of SoBe! As one of the most well-known and beloved brands in the United States, it's no wonder why millions of people enjoy SoBe drinks on a regular basis.

SoBe is a unique brand that has been around since 1995. It started as the South Beach Beverage Company and was founded by John Bello and Tom Schwalm. The company was created to bring healthy and flavorful beverages to consumers. In 2000, the company was purchased by PepsiCo, but their mission remains the same—provide delicious drinks with natural ingredients and no artificial sweeteners.

Today, SoBe offers an extensive selection of beverages ranging from classic flavors such as Lemonade, Raspberry and Orange Creamsicle, to more options like Coconut and Zero Calorie Grapefruit Tea. They also offer a variety of energy drinks such as Pure Rush , South Beach Sunset and 14 Karat Gold. SoBe caters to everyone's tastes with their variety of flavors that can be enjoyed both hot or cold.

SoBe is committed to providing quality products with natural ingredients that are free from artificial colors or flavors. In addition to their commitment to healthier beverages, SoBe also has a commitment to helping out the environment by using recycled materials for packaging whenever possible.

If you're loking for something a little different than your average or , give SoBe a try! With their wide selection of delicious flavors and commitment to healthier ingredients, it's no wonder why they have become one of America's favorite beverage brands!

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Is SoBe Still in Production?

Yes, SoBe drinks are still being made. The company has continued to bring out a variety of flavors for their Elixirs, Teas, and Waters. While the brand has stopped producing Pure Rush energy drinks, South Beach Sunset, and 14 Karot drinks, you can still find a selection of flavors available for purchase in 2022.

Who Acquired SoBe?

In 2000, PepsiCo acquired the South Beach Beverage Company, the parent company of SoBe. As a result of this purchase, SoBe has been a part of the PepsiCo family ever since. The deal was beneficial for both companies; it allowed SoBe to expand its product line and reach a larger customer base, while also helping PepsiCo increase its presence in the beverage industry.


In conclusion, SoBe has been a reliable and consistent beverage provider for almost 30 years. It was first founded in 1995 and officially began producing drinks in 1996. In 2000, the South Beach Beverage Company was bought by PepsiCo and has remained there ever since. Although some flavors have been discontinued, such as Pure Rush Energy Drinks, South Beach Sunset and 14 Karot, other flavors sill remain available to purchase in 2022 and beyond. As an active company listed on the Pepsi website and with a Twitter account that continues to respond to customer inquiries, SoBe continues to be a popular choice for many beverage consumers.

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