Taste the Refreshing Slivovitz Cocktail

Slivovitz cocktail is a classic drink that has been enjoyed for centuries. This fruity cocktail is made using a traditional Balkan fruit called Slivovitz. It's an excellent option for those who want to try something new and exciting.

The cocktail is crafted using a few simple ingredients that are easily accessible. A combination of Slivovitz, lemon , and simple syrup is used as the base for this cocktail. The simple syrup is used to balance out the tartness of the lemon juice and the content.

One unique ingredient used in this cocktail is an egg, which gives the drink a creamy texture and a frothy head. If you're not comfortable using raw eggs, you can use pasteurized egg in a carton instead.

To make the cocktail, start by adding 1.5 oz of Slivovitz into a shaker along with 0.75 oz of lemon juice and 0.75 oz of simple syrup. Crack the egg and add it into the shaker as well. Shake vigorously for abut 10-15 seconds to get the egg and other ingredients fully mixed.

Once the cocktail is ready, serve it in a chilled glass. You can garnish it with a few drops of Angostura bitters to add a hint of spice.

Slivovitz is a fruit brandy that is traditionally made from damson plums. The plums are mashed and fermented with some of the cracked pits, then distilled to make the juice. The resulting spirit is often referred to as plum brandy or plum spirit.

Slivovitz is typically served neat or chilled, but this cocktail is an excellent way to enjoy it in a more complex and flavorful way. The drink is perfect for those who enjoy fruity with a bit of a kick.

Slivovitz cocktail is a classic drink that offers a unique and exciting flavor profile. Made using simple ingredients and a traditional fruit brandy, this cocktail is perfect for anyone who wants to try something new and exciting. So why not give it a try and see what you think?

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What Kind Of Alcohol Is Slivovitz?

Slivovitz is a fruit spirit or fruit brandy that is made from damson plums. It is also commonly referred to as plum spirit or plum brandy. This type of alcohol is commonly produced in Central and Eastern Europe, especially in countries such as Serbia, Croatia, and Bosnia. The production process involves fermenting and distilling the plums, and the resulting spirit is usually clear and colorless, with a strong, fruity flavor and a high alcohol content. Slivovitz is often consumed as a traditional spirit in these regions and is also used in cooking and baking.

What Is The Drink Slivovitz Made From?

Slivovitz is a distilled alcoholic drink that is made from plums. The process of making slivovitz involves mashing ripe plums and fermenting them with some of the cracked pits. Once the juice has fermented, it is then distilled to create the final product. The traditional method of making slivovitz is to do it in small batches at home, whih is said to produce the best quality drink. However, slivovitz is also commercially available and can be found in many liquor stores and bars. slivovitz is a plum-based alcoholic drink that is made through a simple process of fermentation and distillation.


The Slivovitz cocktail is a delicious and unique drink that combines the flavors of fruity brandy with tangy lemon juice and sweet simple syrup. The addition of an egg gives it a frothy texture and adds depth to the flavor profile. This cocktail is a perfect way to enjoy Slivovitz, a traditional fruit brandy made from damson plums. Its rich history and homemade crafting process make it a special and cherished . Whether enjoyed neat or in a cocktail, Slivovitz is a must-try for any spirit enthusiast looking for something new and exciting. And with the addition of Angostura bitters and fresh fruit garnish, the Slivovitz cocktail is sure to impress any guest at your next gathering.

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