A Taste of Louisiana: Abita’s Strawberry Lager

Abita Company is excited to announce the release of its newest , Abita Strawberry ! This unique take on a classic lager is made with real Louisiana strawberries, harvested at the peak of season and added after filtration. This results in a crisp lager with a sweet strawberry flavor, aroma and haze.

At 4.2% ABV, Abita Strawberry Lager is perfect for those who are looking for an easy drinking beer that stil packs a punch of flavor. The lightly toasted white bread notes are followed by a moderate taste of strawberry that make this lager really stand out from the crowd. The aroma is also unmistakably strawberry and creates an inviting atmosphere when you crack open this brew.

Abita Strawberry Lager pairs perfectly with desserts or lighter fare such as salads and pastas. It's also great for sipping on its own or enjoyed with friends over some delicious Louisiana cuisine. No matter how you choose to enjoy Abita Strawberry Lager, it's sure to be a hit!

Be sure to visit your local store and pick up some Abita Strawberry Lager today!

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The Taste of Abita Strawberry

Abita's Strawberry Lager has a flavor profile that is reminiscent of lightly toasted white bread, followed by a moderate taste of strawberry and a subtle aroma. It has a light lager flavor with an unmistakable sweetness of fresh strawberries coming through at the end. This makes it a pleasantly balanced beer with a hint of fruitiness that will appeal to both lager and fruit beer drinkers alike.

Alcohol Content of Abita Strawberry

Abita Strawberry is an American-Style Lager with an ABV ( By Volume) of 4.2%. This means that for every one hundred milliliters of Abita Strawberry, 4.2 milliliters of it are pure alcohol. The beer also features a unique strawberry flavor and aroma, created by using juicy, ripe Louisiana strawberries harvested at the peak of season.

The Sweetness of Abita Strawberry Lager

Abita Strawberry Lager is sweet. It has a crisp lager taste combined with the sweetness of real Louisiana strawberry for a refreshing and unique flavor. The sweetness is subtle but definitely present, giving it a pleasant aroma and making it perfect for pairing with desserts or lighter fare such as salads and pastas.

The Taste of Strawberry Beer

Strawberry beer has a wonderfully sweet and refreshing flavor. On the nose, it's primarily strawberry with a hint of clove and orange. The first sip is pure summer strawberry with no bitterness or sourness. As you drink it, the flavor of strawberry lingers on the palate, making it a great choice for those that love fruit-flavored beers.


The Abita Strawberry Lager is a unique and delicious beer that promises to satisfy the palates of all types of beer drinkers. With a 4.2% ABV, this light lager has a pleasantly sweet flavor and aroma, thanks to real Louisiana strawberry juice added after the filtration process. Whether you're looking for a refreshing beer to pair with lighter fare or something to accompany your favorite dessert, Abita Strawberry Lager won't disappoint. Its crispness and subtle sweetness make it an excellent choice for any occasion.

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