Taste the Rich Complexity of Don Pedro Brandy!

Don Pedro is a premium quality Mexican spirit, renowned for its complex yet smooth taste. This brandy is produced using the traditional Jerezano process, which involves aging selected reserves of grape brandy in white oak . The flavor profile of Don Pedro Brandy consists of rich notes of raisin, oak and caramel.

The history of Don Pedro Brandy dates back to the early 1980s when it was first produced by a small family-run distillery in Mexico. In 2017, the brand was purchased by Spain's González Byass, who has since continued to uphold the same high standards and quality that made Don Pedro such a popular choice in Mexico and beyond. Today, Presidente brandy is the national drink of Mexico – enjoyed from beach bars to city hotels – often as a mixed drink with cola or .

When it comes to tasting Don Pedro Brandy, you can expect a smooth and balanced finish with light notes of dark fruit and caramel that linger on your palate. The aroma is reminiscent of aged oak with hints of spice and vanilla. On the palate, you'll find flavors such as figs, prunes, raisins and nuts – all complemented by a pleasant hint of woodiness from the white oak barrels.

For those looking for a truly special experience, we recommend trying Don Ramon Reposado 750ML from Mexico Tequila. This tequila is 100% puro de Agave and aged for at last 2 months in oak barrels for an added depth of flavor.

Whether you're enjoying it neat or mixing it in your favorite cocktail, Don Pedro Brandy is sure to satisfy even the most discerning palette! Please keep in mind that someone 21 years or older must be available to sign for any orders.

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The Quality of Don Pedro Brandymexico

Don Pedro is an excellent brandy and a great choice for those looking for a quality spirit. It is made with selected reserves and aged in white oak barrels using the traditional Jerezano process, resulting in a rich and complex flavor profile. The taste of Don Pedro has notes of raisins, oak and caramel, making it a highly enjoyable sipping brandy. With its premium quality and excellent flavor, Don Pedro is definitely one of the best brandies available on the market today.

Who Produces Don Pedro Brandy?

Don Pedro brandy is produced by González Byass, a Spanish winery and distillery with over 180 years of experience in the and spirit industry. Founded in 1835 by Manuel María González Angel, the company has grown to become one of Spain's most renowned producers of premium wines and . In 2017, González Byass purchased the production plant in Mexico as well as the Presidente and Don Pedro brands. Today, Don Pedro brandy is crafted using traditional methods that ensure quality and consistency in every bottle. The brandy is made from grapes sourced from carefully selected vineyards across Spain, then aged in oak barrels for a minimum of thee years to achieve its signature flavor profile.

What Ingredients Are Used to Make Don Pedro Brandy?

Don Pedro brandy is made from a variety of grapes, such as Ugni Blanc, Colombard, and Folle Blanche. It is double-distilled in copper pot stills and aged in French oak barrels for at least two years. During the aging process, the brandy develops its unique flavor profile, which includes notes of citrus, dried fruit, vanilla, nutmeg, and oak. The resulting spirit has a smooth and mellow taste that is perfect for sipping or mixing into .


Don Pedro Brandy is a premium quality spirit from Mexico and is considered the leading premium brandy in the country. It is produced with selected reserves and aged in white oak barrels using the traditional Jerezano process, resulting in a complex flavor profile of raisin, oak and caramel. Owned by González Byass since 2017, Don Pedro Brandy has become one of Mexico's national drinks, enjoyed in bars and hotels alike. With its high quality production standards and distinct flavor notes, it is easy to see why Don Pedro Brandy has become so popular.

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