The 8PM Whisky’s Premium Prices in India & Kenya!

Welcome whisky connoisseurs! If you're looking for a premium with an award-winning reputation, 8PM is the perfect choice. 8PM is a premium Indian whiskey brand that is made from quality grains delivering boldness and opulence.

The Radico House recently introduced India's brand-new premium whiskey, 8PM Premium Black. This unique whiskey offers a taste, aroma and flavour that sets it apart from other Indian whiskies. It can be enjoyed neat or with just a dash of chilled to truly appreciate its unique flavour profile.

If you're looking to purchase 8PM Premium Black, there are several price points available depending on the size of bottle you opt for: 90ml for Rs 65; 180ml for Rs 125; 375ml for Rs 245; 750ml for Rs 490; and 1 Litre Blended Whiskey for Ksh 950 in Kenya.

At each of these price points, you can be sure to experience the same award-winning quality of 8PM Premium Black as each bottle contains 42.8% ABV ( by volume).

If you want to experience something different with your next whisky purchase, try 8PM Premium Black – it promises to deliver boldness and opulence in evry sip!

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Price of 8 PM Whiskey in India

The 8PM Premium Black Rare Whisky is a premium whiskey from India's Radico House. It is available in four sizes: 90ml for Rs 65; 180ml for Rs 125; 375ml for Rs 245; and 750ml for Rs 490. It has a smooth, whisky-like flavor with notes of oak and spices, making it an ideal choice for both casual sipping and special occasions. Enjoy!

Price of 8PM Whiskey in Kenya

8PM whiskey in Kenya is priced at Ksh. 950 for 1 Litre. 8PM whiskey is a blended whiskey, containing 42.8% ABV (alcohol by volume). It is a popular choice amongst whisky drinkers in Kenya and is widely available across the country.

What Is the Alcohol Percentage of 8PM?

8PM is a rare signature blend of Grain Whisky and which has an alcohol content of 42.8%. This percentage is achieved by blending the finest quality grains to achieve the perfect balance of strength and smoothness. 8PM originates from India and offers a unique blend of whisky that is both strong and smooth.

What Type of Alcohol is 8PM?

8PM Premium Black is a whisky, not a . Whisky is a distilled alcoholic made from fermented grain mash, while brandy is a spirit typically made from grapes. 8PM Premium Black is made with the finest and grain whiskies and aged in oak casks for an exceptionally smooth taste. It has a distinctive flavor with hints of spice and vanilla, making it the perfect choice for whisky aficionados. So, to answer your question: 8PM Premium Black is definitely whisky!


In conclusion, 8PM Premium Black Rare Whisky is a premium award-winning Indian Whisky brand that is made from a mix of quality grains, offering boldness and opulence. It comes in various sizes ranging from 90ml to 1 litre and its price in Kenya starts from Ksh. 65 for the 90ml bottle up to Ksh. 950 for the 1 litre bottle. This whiskey has a unique taste, aroma and flavour that stands out from other Indian whiskies and can be enjoyed neat with just a dash of chilled water.

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