The Affordable Price of Antiquity Blue Premium Whisky!

Welcome to the world of Antiquity Blue Premium Whisky—a smooth, rich and full-bodied whisky that is sure to tantalize your taste buds. This premium Indian whisky is produced by United Ltd (USL), a subsidiary of the United Breweries Group, and has a 42.8% content.

When it comes to Antiquity Blue Premium Whisky, you are sure to get an unforgettable experience with its distinct flavour profile. The whisky has a nutty aroma coupled with sweet notes of vanilla, honey and caramel on the nose, followed by a palate that is smooth and creamy with hints of malted barley and oak. Its unique finish is slightly smoky yet incredibly smooth and mellow.

The price for Antiquity Blue Premium Whisky varies depending on the volume available in Delhi: 90 ml for Rs 110; 180 ml for Rs 220; 375 ml for Rs 440; 750 ml for Rs 880. The best way to enjoy this premium whisky is in a large peg of 60ml combined with either 1/5th or 1/4th cold from your water purifier or mineral water bottle—which helps take down some of the harshness from the spirit or alcohol.

So if you are looking for an exquisite whisky experience unike any other, try out Antiquity Blue Premium Whisky today! You won't regret it!

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The Strength of Antiquity Blue

Antiquity Blue is a premium whisky with an ABV (Alcohol By Volume) of 42.8%, making it a strong spirit. It is made using the finest ingredients, and has a rich, smooth taste. Its flavor profile includes notes of vanilla, caramel, and oak, with a slightly smoky finish. It's perfect for sipping neat or on the rocks, and also adds complexity to classic like the Old Fashioned or Manhattan. While it certainly packs a punch, its smoothness makes it easy to enjoy responsibly.

Is Antiquity Blue an Imported Product?

Antiquity Blue is not imported. It is a brand of Indian whisky, manufactured by United Spirits Ltd (USL), a subsidiary of the United Breweries Group. The whisky is made from locally-sourced grains and fermented in copper pot stills, then aged in oak . It has a light golden color and a smooth taste with hints of oak, and spice. It is bottled in India at 40% ABV and is widely available across the country.

Is Scotch Whisky the Same as Antiquity Whisky?

Antiquity is a whisky. It is made according to traditional Scottish whisky-making techniques, with the finest grain-based Scotch whisky sourced from Cameronbridge – the home of grain distilling. The whisky is distilled in copper pot stills, making it an authentic, age-old Scotch whisky. Its unique flavor and character comes from the blending of carefully selected whiskies to create a well-balanced, smooth and flavorful experience.


Antiquity Blue Premium Whisky is an excellent choice for whisky lovers. It has a smooth taste and a strong 42.8% alcohol content that offers a perfect balance of flavor and strength. The price range of Antiquity Blue Ultra Classic Whisky is also quite reasonable ranging from Rs. 110 for 90ml to Rs. 880 for 750ml, making it accessible to everyone. It is best enjoyed in a large peg with 15-20 ml of cold water to reduce some of the harshness associaed with alcohol. Ultimately, Antiquity Blue Premium Whisky is an excellent choice for whisky connoisseurs looking for a great tasting product at an affordable price.

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