Are there quadruple IPAs?

Answered by Arthur Reyes

There are quadruple IPAs, although they are not recognized as an official style by any organizations. Quadruple IPAs, also known as quad IPAs or quad IPAs, are essentially Imperial IPAs that have been taken to the extreme in terms of content and hop intensity.

To understand quadruple IPAs, it's helpful to first understand what an Imperial is. An Imperial IPA, or double IPA, is a style of beer that originated in the United States. It is characterized by its high alcohol content and intense hop bitterness. Typically, Imperial IPAs have a strong backbone to balance out the hefty hop presence.

Now, take that concept and dial it up a few notches, and you have quadruple IPAs. These beers take the already bold and assertive characteristics of Imperial IPAs and push them to the extreme. Quadruple IPAs are typically brewed with a significant amount of malt, resulting in a strong, sweet, and malty flavor profile. The high alcohol content, often reaching double digits in ABV (alcohol by volume), gives these beers a boozy kick that can be quite noticeable.

In terms of hop character, quadruple IPAs are not shy either. They are heavily hopped, with intense bitterness and a strong hop aroma. The hop flavors can range from citrusy and piney to floral and resinous, depending on the hop varieties used in the brewing process. The hop character is a defining feature of quadruple IPAs and can be quite prominent, similar to what you might find in an American Barleywine.

It's important to note that quadruple IPAs are not for the faint of heart. The high alcohol content and intense flavors make them a sipping beer rather than a sessionable one. They are often enjoyed in smaller quantities, much like you would with a fine spirit or a fortified .

While quadruple IPAs may not be an officially recognized beer style, they have gained popularity among enthusiasts who enjoy the challenge of pushing the boundaries of traditional brewing. These beers can be a fun and adventurous experience for those seeking a bold and intense flavor profile.

In my personal experience as a brewer and beer enthusiast, I have come across a few quadruple IPAs in my beer explorations. Each one has been a unique and memorable experience. The boldness of the malt character combined with the intense hop presence creates a complex and layered beer that demands attention. It's like a sensory journey, with each sip revealing new flavors and aromas.

That being said, quadruple IPAs are not for everyone. The high alcohol content and intense flavors can be overwhelming for some palates. It's important to approach these beers with an open mind and an appreciation for the craftsmanship and creativity that goes into brewing them.

While quadruple IPAs are not an officially recognized beer style, they do exist and offer a unique and intense drinking experience. These beers push the boundaries of traditional brewing, with their high alcohol content, sweet maltiness, and prominent hop character. They are not for the faint of heart but can be an exciting adventure for those seeking bold and intense flavors in their beer.