The Rich Taste of Asbach Uralt Brandy

Asbach Uralt is a German that has gained worldwide popularity over the years. It is a fine old brandy that is double distilled and matured in Limousin oak over a long period. The unique and unmistakable taste of Asbach Uralt is achieved through a secret refining process that gives it a full-bodied, rounded flavor.

One of the key features of Asbach Uralt is its sweet and thick taste, which is characterized by intense dark fruits. This is followed by a hint of black pepper, which adds a subtle spiciness to the drink. However, what sets Asbach Uralt apart from other brandies is its hot finish. German brandies are known for their rough finish, and Asbach Uralt is no exception.

Asbach Uralt comes in a range of products, with the basic and lowest proof being Uralt, which has a proof of 38%. The Urbrand has a bit more kick, with a proof of 40%. Asbach Uralt is matured in a similar way to whisky, which is why it has such a unique and complex flavor.

The history of Asbach Uralt dates back to 1892 when Hugo Asbach created the original three-year-old brandy. The Uralt was created as a sibling to the original, and it has been a perennial favorite ever since. It is particularly popular among British ex-servicemen, who discovered it during their time stationed in Germany.

Asbach Uralt is a premium brandy that is not exported in large quantities. The higher range of Asbachs can cost a couple of hundred pounds a bottle, making them a luxury item for brandy connoisseurs.

Asbach Uralt is a unique and complex brandy that is beloved by many. Its sweet and thick taste, combined with a hint of black pepper and a hot finish, make it a distinctive drink. Whether enjoyed alone or in a cocktail, Asbach Uralt is a premium brandy that is worth trying for thoe who appreciate fine .

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The Taste of Asbach Uralt

Asbach Uralt is a German brandy that is known for its sweet and thick taste. The flavor profile of Asbach Uralt is dominated by intense dark fruits that provide a rich and complex taste. As you take a sip, you will notice a burst of dark fruit flavors such as plums, raisins, and figs. There is also a subtle hint of vanilla that adds a layer of depth to the taste.

Towards the end of the taste, you will notice a strong black pepper flavor that provides a spicy kick to the brandy. This is folloed by a hot finish that is characteristic of German distillates. The finish is rough and intense, and it lingers on the palate for a while.

Asbach Uralt is a delicious brandy that offers a unique taste experience. The combination of sweet dark fruits, vanilla, black pepper, and hot finish creates a complex and satisfying flavor that is perfect for sipping on its own or mixing in .

The Type of Liquor Produced by Asbach Uralt

Asbach Uralt is a type of brandy that is highly regarded for its high quality and unique taste. This fine liquor is double distilled and aged in Limousin oak barrels for a long period, which contributes to its smooth and well-rounded flavor. Asbach Uralt also undergoes a secret refining process that further enhances its taste and aroma. This process makes Asbach Uralt stand out from other brandies, and it has become a popular choice among connoisseurs of fine spirits. To summarize, Asbach Uralt is a high-quality brandy that is renowned for its unique taste and refinement process.

The Difference Between Asbach Uralt and Original

Asbach Uralt is the basic and lowest proof brandy produced by Asbach, with an content of 38%. On the other hand, Asbach Original or Urbrand has a slightly higher alcohol percentage at 40%. In terms of production, Asbach brandy is matured in a way that is similar to whisky, which gives it a unique flavor and character. It is important to note that Asbach does not tend to export their higher range of brandies, which can be quite expensive and luxurious. the difference between Asbach Uralt and Asbach Original lies in their alcohol content, with Asbach Original being slightly stronger.


Asbach Uralt is a premium German brandy that has stood the test of time sice its creation by Hugo Asbach in 1892. It is a double distilled brandy that is matured in Limousin oak barrels over a long period, resulting in its unique and unmistakable taste. With its sweet and thick profile, intense dark fruits, black pepper, and hot finish, Asbach Uralt is a fine example of German distillates, known for their rough and hot finish. Asbach Uralt is the basic brandy in Asbach's range, and it is highly appreciated by British ex-servicemen. However, Asbach also produces a higher range of Asbachs that are matured similarly to whisky and can cost a couple of hundred pounds per bottle. Asbach Uralt is a must-try for brandy lovers, and its full-bodied, rounded flavor will leave a lasting impression on the palate.

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