The Unique Taste of Teeling’s Small Batch Rum Cask Whiskey

Teeling is a Dublin-based whiskey distillery, founded in 2012 by brothers Jack and Stephen Teeling. The brand has become renowned for its craftsmanship and innovation, producing an impressive range of small batch whiskeys. The Teeling Whiskey Small Batch Casks is one of their signature expressions, crafted from a blend of and grain whiskeys aged in ex- before being finished in hand-selected rum casks.

The distinctive flavour profile of the whiskey is created by sourcing the best malt and grain whiskies available and triple-distilling them at the Teeling Distillery in Dublin. After distillation, the whisky is matured in ex-bourbon barrels for up to six years before being transferred to hand selected rum casks for a secondary maturation of up to 12 months. This process gives the whiskey a deep amber colour with notes of vanilla, caramel, honeycomb and spices on the nose. On the palate it's full bodied with more sweet vanilla and caramel flavour alonside subtle hints of coconut, oak and spices. The finish is smooth with lingering notes of sweet fruitiness.

The Teeling Whiskey Small Batch Rum Casks expression has won numerous international awards including a gold medal at The Irish Whiskey Masters 2018 as well as a gold medal at San Francisco World Competition 2020. It's bottled at 46% ABV without chill-filtering for maximum flavour complexity and can be enjoyed neat or mixed into your favourite .

If you're looking for an interesting Irish whiskey that offers something different from traditional single malts then definitely give this one a try!

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Age of Teeling Small Batch

Teeling Small Batch is made with whiskies that are up to six-years-old, but there is no exact age statement provided. The lack of a definitive age statement means that the whiskey could be comprised of both younger and older whiskies in varying proportions, ranging from up to six years old. Teeling Small Batch is bottled at 46% ABV and is not chill-filtered.

Is Teeling Small Batch Whiskey Triple Distilled?

Yes, Teeling Small Batch is triple distilled. The malt component is made at the Teeling distillery in Dublin from 100% malted barley, which is then mashed and fermented before being distilled three times. After distillation, the whisky is matured in ex-bourbon casks to give it a unique character and flavour profile.

Is Teeling Whiskey a Type of Bourbon?

No, Teeling Whiskey is not a Bourbon. It is an Irish whiskey made with a blend of malt and grain whiskeys, which are initially aged in ex-Bourbon barrels. This means that the whiskey contains some of the flavors and characteristics of Bourbons as it aged in ex-Bourbon barrels, but it is not technically a Bourbon because it was distilled in Ireland and not in the United States.

The Type of Whiskey Produced by Teeling

Teeling Whiskey is an Irish whiskey brand that produces small batch bottlings of unique character. The whiskey is crafted using both traditional and unconventional techniques in distillation and maturation, resulting in a complex flavor profile. Teeling Whiskey has won over 200 international awards and is renowned for its smooth, well-rounded flavor.

Who Is the Owner of Teeling Whiskey?

Teeling Whiskey is owned by the Teeling family, who have been making whiskey in Dublin since 1782. The current owners are Jack and Stephen Teeling, the latest generation of Teeling Whiskey makers. In 2015, they opened the new Teeling Whiskey Distillery in Dublin, which is located close to where the original family distillery once stood.


Teeling Whiskey is a high quality Irish whiskey made with malt and grain whiskies sourced from the Teeling distillery in Dublin. It is aged for up to six years and bottled at 46% ABV, without chill-filtering, which gives it a fuller flavor and body. While the exact ratio of malt to grain is not known, Teeling Whiskey has a pleasingly high proportion of malt. The whiskey is owned by Bacardi who hold a 40% stake in the company and is aailable for purchase at a reasonable price of £30.95 GBP (WAS £35.95 GBP). With its smooth balance of malt and grain whiskies, Teeling Whiskey makes for an excellent addition to any whiskey collection.

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