Satisfy Your Thirst with Drambuie: Prices & Variations

Are you looking for a delicious whisky that will satisfy your taste buds? Look no furher than Drambuie! This unique blend of aged whisky, spices, herbs and heather honey has been around since the 18th century and is still as popular today as it was then. It's perfect on its own or in a variety of , making it a popular choice among drinkers. But how much does it cost?

The average price for a 375ml bottle of Drambuie is around $22. If you're looking for more bang for your buck, you can opt to purchase a 750ml bottle for an average price of $36. Or if you're feeling particularly indulgent, you can splurge on the 15-year-old version of Drambuie in a 750ml bottle for an average price of $54. For the ultimate luxury experience, there's also the Royal Legacy 1745 version in a 700ml bottle which will set you back around $291.

No matter which variation you choose, Drambuie is sure to satisfy your taste buds and make each sip that much more enjoyable. So next time you're looking to enjoy a delicious whisky liqueur, don't forget to pick up some Drambuie!

Cost of a Bottle of Drambuie

A bottle of Drambuie typically costs around $22 for a 375ml bottle or $36 for a 750ml bottle. If you're looking for something even more special, you might consider the Drambuie 15, which is a 750ml bottle and costs an average of $54. For something really unique and luxurious, consider the Drambuie Royal Legacy 1745. This 700ml bottle has an average price of $291.

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Finding a Cheaper Alternative to Drambuie

A cheaper version of Drambuie is Glayva, a sweet whisky liqueur made with Scotch Whisky, honey, herbs and spices. Glayva has a similar flavor profile to Drambuie but is much more affordable. It can be enjoyed on its own or used as a substitute for Drambuie in cocktails; just make sure to keep the ratio of whisky to liqueur the same.

Is Drambuie a Scotch or Whiskey?

Drambuie is a blend of aged Scotch whisky, spices, herbs & heather honey. It is not a single or grain ; rather, it is a liqueur made with Scotch whisky as its base. The Scotch whisky used in Drambuie is blended with other ingredients such as spices and herbs, and then sweetened with heather honey to create a unique flavor. The result is a smooth, flavorful drink that has its own distinct identity.


In conclusion, Drambuie has become a popular liqueur for whisky lovers due to its unique blend of aged Scotch whisky, spices, herbs and heather honey. It is available in 375ml, 750ml and 15-year-old 750ml bottles and its average price can range from $22 for the 375ml bottle to $291 for the 2-Glayva Royal Legacy 1745 700ml bottle. Whether enjoyed on its own or as part of a cocktail, Drambuie offers a distinctive flavor that is sure to satisfy any whisky lover.

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