How To Hold Red Wine Glass

If you love red , it's important to know how to properly hold a glass. Not only does it look more polished in social settings, but it also helps to keep the temperature of your drink at the optimal level for longer. The proper way to hold a red wine glass is by grasping the lower half of the stem between your thumb and forefingers. This simple technique helps to keep your drink stable, allows you to sip easily, and looks elegant when done correctly.

When holding a red wine glass, make sure your thumb is on top and your pointer finger is underneath. Your middle finger may also be used if needed for added stability; however, it should nevr have any contact with the bowl of the glass itself. This will help ensure that your hands don't heat up the glass or transfer any oils or bacteria from your skin into your drink.

It's also important to make sure that you are not gripping too tightly onto the stem as this can cause breakages or spills if you are not careful. You should also avoid using too much pressure when lifting or swirling the glass as this can dislodge sediment that has settled at the bottom of some wines and ruin its flavour profile.

Don't forget to use your other two fingers! They should sit naturally on the base of the glass which will help give you an extra layer of support while sipping.

By following these simple tips, you can ensure that you are holding a red wine glass correctly and enjoying its contents at their best!

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Holding a Red Wine Glass as a Woman

When holding a red wine glass, it is important to grip the glass by the stem. Place your thumb, pointer, and middle fingers around the stem of the glass, pinching it securely. Your remaining two fingers should rest at the base of the glass for added stability. You may also choose to cup your other hand around the bowl of the glass for extra support. It is important to hold your glass at an angle between 10-45 degrees, so that you can appreciate the aroma of your wine without spilling it.

The Most Elegant Way to Hold a Wine Glass

The most elegant way to hold a wine glass is by the stem, using your thumb, forefinger, and middle finger. Place your fingers around the stem just above the base of the glass so that you have good control of it without crushing it. Your other fingers should rest lightly on the base of the glass. This allows you to swirl your wine without spilling any and maintain an elegant posture.

Which Glass Is Best for Serving Red Wine?

Red wine is best served in a stemless glass, as it helps to maintain the optimal temperature for the wine. Stemmed can be quite effective for maintaining the temperature of white wines, however red wines should be served at a relatively low temperature around 54-65°F, and having a stem on the glass can cause the temperature to increase when held in your hand. The lack of stem on a stemless glass helps to insulate the wine from any additional heat generated by your hands. Additionally, usng a stemless glass allows you to enjoy the aromas of the red wine and swirl it more easily in order to release its full flavor profile.


The proper way to hold a red wine glass is with your thumb and forefingers gripping the lower half of the stem. Doing this not only looks polished in social settings, but it also helps keep the wine at its ideal temperature while allowing you to sip easily. By following this technique, you can ensure that you get to enjoy every sip of your favorite glass of red wine and make sure that you look like a professional while doing so.

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