The Best Aquavit: A Guide to the World’s Finest Snaps

Aquavit is a spirit traditionally produced in Scandinavia and northern Germany. It's a distilled spirit, typically made from grain or potato and flavored with caraway, dill, fennel, anise, citrus and other spices. Aquavit is served chilled and unmixed in small and has become increasingly popular in recent years.

If you're loking for the best aquavit to try out, you've come to the right place! Here are some of our top picks for the best aquavit currently available on the market:

Aalborg Akvavit: This is one of the most popular aquavits available. It has a neutral grain flavor and can be infused with fruits or herbs for a unique flavor profile.

Linie Aquavit: This Norwegian aquavit has been aged in oak that have been transported across the equator, giving it a unique flavor profile that you won't find in other aquavits.

Krogstad Aquavit: This Oregon-made aquavit is made from spelt grain and is known for its smooth finish and herbal notes.

O.P Anderson Aquavit: This Swedish aquavit is full-bodied with notes of caraway and dill that make it perfect for sipping neat or mixing into .

Viking Fjord Aquavit: This Danish vodka-based aquavit has a smooth finish with hints of caraway, licorice, aniseed and juniper berries.

As you can see there are many different types of aquavits to choose from! Whether you're looking for something to sip neat or mix into cocktails, there's sure to be an aquvait that fits your taste buds perfectly!

The Best Way to Enjoy Aquavit

The best way to drink aquavit depends on the individual's preferences. In Scandinavian countries and northern Germany, it is often served chilled and unmixed in small tulip glasses, accompanied by appetizers or sandwiches. Some people prefer to take it in shots, sipping one glass at a time as they find the taste of aquavit difficult to accommodate. Others may choose to mix aquavit with other drinks such as , creating a unique tasting experience. Ultimately, the best way to drink aquavit is whichever method suits your tastes!

What is the Best Danish Aquavit?

The best Danish aquavit is widely considered to be Aalborg Akvavit, produced by Aalborg Distillery. This spirit has been in production since 1846 and is the oldest continuously produced aquavit in Denmark. It's made according to a closely guarded recipe with caraway and oter herbs, giving it a unique flavor that sets it apart from other aquavits. The spirit is typically enjoyed neat or as a part of a traditional Danish snaps ritual. For those looking to experiment, Aalborg also offers a neutral grain aquavit called Aalborg Basis Snaps which can be infused with fruits and herbs for custom flavor profiles.

What Is Aquavit and What Type of Alcohol Is It?

Aquavit is a type of neutral spirit distilled from grain or potato, similar to vodka or . It is most commonly flavored with caraway as its dominant spice, though dill is also commonly used. Other spices such as fennel, coriander, citrus and anise are also used in some styles of aquavit. It is usually consumed neat or chilled and can be found in Scandinavia and the Baltic countries. Aquavit is also referred to as “snaps” in some parts of Europe.

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Average Cost of Aquavit

A 750ml bottle of LINIE Aquavit, an award-winning Norwegian spirit, typically costs around $45.99. This premium aquavit is made from a blend of select grain and potato , which are then double-distilled in copper pot stills before being placed in oak casks used to mature sherry. The combination of the sherry and the oak adds a unique flavor profile to the aquavit, giving it a golden colour, subtle sweetness, and hints of vanilla and wood.

The Taste of Aquavit

Aquavit is a spirit made from a neutral grain base, such as potato or grain, and heavily spiced with caraway. This gives it a flavor profile similar to vodka but with a more pronounced bread character. Other botanicals like fennel, clove, dill, and anise are ofen included to add complexity and depth to the flavor. Aquavit can range from dry and herbal in taste to sweet and spicy. It is traditionally served cold or at room temperature.


In conclusion, the best aquavit is Aalborg Akvavit. This Danish snaps has a neutral grain aquavit base and is perfect for steeping your favorite fruits and herbs. It has a neutral background flavor similar to vodka combined with caraway as its main spice, as well as dill, fennel, anise, and clove. It can be enjoyed chilled or in shots, and is uually accompanied by appetizers or sandwiches. Aquavit has become popular in Scandinavian countries and northern Germany, and Aalborg Akvavit is the granddaddy of Danish snaps.

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