The Best Coconut Rums to Try!

Coconut has become a staple in many of the world's most popular cocktails. From Piña Coladas to Shark Bites, this tropical spirit is a favorite among many and can take any drink to a whole new level. But with so many brands out there, how do you know which ones are the best? Well, that's where we come in! We've scoured the shelves to bring you our top picks for the best coconut rums on the market today.

First up is Cruzan Coconut Rum. Founded in St. Croix in 1760, Cruzan has been producing high-quality rums since its inception. Their coconut offering is no exception, boasting a smooth, creamy flavor with hints of caramel and vanilla. Not only does it make delicious drinks but it also has a great price point – making it an ideal choice for those looking for an affordable option.

If you're looking for something a bit more premium then Mount Gay XO Coconut Rum might be your best bet. This Caribbean rum is aged for up to 8 years before being infused with sweet coconut flavors. It's perfect for sipping or as an ingredient in cocktails and its smooth finish will have you coming back for more!

Next up is Malibu Coconut Rum – one of the most popular coconut rums on the market today. This Caribbean white rum features natural coconut aromas and flavors that give your drinks a unique tropical twist. Its smooth taste makes it great for mixing whle its low ABV makes it perfect for serving neat or over ice as well.

Finally, we have Bacardi Coco Rum – another great choice if you're looking for that classic coconut flavor without breaking the bank. This light rum has sweet notes of creamy coconut that make it great for pairing with oher or using as an ingredient in your favorite tiki drinks like Mai Tais and Zombies!

So there you have it – our picks for the best coconut rums on the market today! Whether you're looking to add some tropical flavor to your favorite cocktails or just sip something special neat or over ice, these are some of our top recommendations that won't disappoint!

Comparing Malibu Rum and Coconut Rum

No, Malibu rum is not the same as coconut rum. Although they are both made with Caribbean rum and coconut , they have distinct differences in taste. Malibu is a flavored white rum that has a sweeter yet more subtle coconut flavor, while coconut rum is darker and bolder in taste with a much less sweet flavor profile. These differences make them ideal for different uses: Malibu is better for mixed drinks and cocktails, while coconut rum is better enjoyed straight or on the rocks.

Comparing the Quality of Bacardi and Malibu

The answer to this question really depends on what you're looking for in a drink. If you're looking for a spirit with a higher content, then Bacardi at 35% ABV is the better option. However, if you're looking for something smoother and more enjoyable to drink straight up, then Malibu at 21% ABV is the better choice. Ultimately, it coes down to personal preference and what kind of taste you prefer.

The Strength of BACARDÍ Coconut

Yes, BACARDÍ Coconut is a strong rum. It has an ABV of 35%, which places it in the category of higher-proof spirits. This means it can be enjoyed neat or as part of a cocktail, allowing you to control the level of alcohol content in your drinks. In addition, its full flavor and coconut aroma can make even the simplest drink stand out from the crowd. Whether you're going for a strong kick or something with a more subtle taste, BACARDÍ Coconut can provide you with just what you need.

Popular Brands of Coconut Rum

There are several brands of coconut rum available on the market. Some of the most popular brands include Captain Morgan's Parrot Bay Coconut Rum, Coruba Coconut Rum, Cruzan Coconut Rum, and Don Q Coco.

Captain Morgan's Parrot Bay Coconut Rum is a combination of traditional Caribbean rum and tropical coconut flavors. The rum is smooth and has a sweet coconut aroma. It is perfect for mixing into cocktails or drinking neat.

Coruba Coconut Rum is produced in Jamaica and has a rich, creamy flavor. It features notes of sweet honey and fresh coconut that make it ideal for adding to tropical drinks or sipping straight up.

Cruzan Coconut Rum is produced in the US Virgin Islands and features a light, sweet taste with hints of nutty vanilla. This rum can be enjoyed over ice or used to create flavorful cocktails.

Don Q Coco is made in Puerto Rico and offers an intense flavor that is perfect for special occasions or as a gift option. This rum has bold notes of natural Caribbean coconut that make it great for mixing into cocktails or as an ingredient in desserts.

Is Bacardi Coconut Rum a Popular Choice?

Yes, Bacardi Coconut Rum is a real and delicious rum! It is made with a blend of natural flavors and Bacardi's fine Puerto Rican rum. The result is an incredibly smooth and refreshing coconut-flavored spirit with a clean finish. Enjoy it as a shot, on the rocks, or in your favorite cocktail to bring the beach to you no matter where you are!

Comparing the Taste of Bacardi Coconut Rum and Malibu

No, Bacardi Coconut Rum does not taste like Malibu. While both spirits have a similar sweetness, the coconut flavor of Bacardi Coconut Rum is less pronounced and tastes more artificial than the coconut flavor of Malibu. In comparison to Selvarey Coconut Rum, Bacardi Coconut Rum has a much weaker coconut flavor that is more artificial.

What Is The Most Delicious Rum?

The most delicious rum you can enjoy is Mount Gay Black Barrel. This exquisite rum is aged for a minimum of four years in , infused with the finest natural spices, and blended in small batches. The result is a smooth, rich flavor that's perfect for sipping neat or in a variety of cocktails. The notes of butterscotch, toffee, and oak will tantalize your taste buds and leave you wanting more. Every sip is an unforgettable experience that will have you coming back for more.

What Is The Highest Proof Coconut Rum?

The highest proof coconut rum currently on the market is Parrot Bay Coconut Rum. It is 90 PROOF, making it one of the strongest flavored liquors available. This version is considerably stronger than the 42 proof variety, which has a much milder taste. Parrot Bay Coconut Rum has a sweet and tropical flavor, with hints of vanilla and caramel. It's perfect for mixing into cocktails or can be enjoyed by itself. If you're looking for a strong and flavorful rum, then Parrot Bay Coconut Rum is definitely worth a try.

The Appeal of Malibu Rum

Malibu rum is an incredibly popular and versatile liqueur, beloved for its sweet, coconut flavor and perfect for making a variety of fruity cocktails. The Caribbean rum used in Malibu is distilled from sugar cane molasses, giving it a unique flavor and smooth finish. The addition of coconut gives it a tropical aroma and taste that blends perfectly with other fruit flavors. It's also relatively low in alcohol content, making it ideal for those who prefer milder drinks. From piña coladas to daiquiris, Malibu rum is the perfect addition to any summertime gathering or beach party!

Is It Safe to Drink Bacardi Coconut Rum Neat?

Yes, you can drink Bacardi Coconut Rum straight. It is a light and refreshing rum with a sweet, coconut flavor. It pairs well with mixers or makes for a great addition to a cocktail. If you plan on drinking it neat, use an appropriate glass to enjoy the taste and aroma of the rum. You may also want to add a few drops of lime or lemon to bring out the flavor. Enjoy responsibly!

The Effects of Drinking Coconut Rum Straight

Yes, you can drink coconut rum straight! Hard Truth Toasted Coconut Rum is a smooth and balanced spirit that is perfect for sipping on its own. Its subtle notes of house-toasted flaked coconut, cane sugar, and natural sea salt make it enjoyable to sip neat or over ice. For an extra special treat, try it with a splash of pineapple juice for an island-inspired twist.

Is Coconut Rum a Type of Rum?

No, coconut rum is not actually rum. By law, rum must be bottled at a minimum of 80 proof (40 percent alcohol by volume), meaning that coconut-flavored Malibu Original flagship with its 21 percent ABV is classified as a liqueur instead. Pernod calls it a “flavored rum” uder the legal definition, but it cannot be considered true rum by definition.

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Does Captain Morgan Produce Coconut Rum?

Yes, Captain Morgan does make coconut rum. Their Captain Morgan Coconut Rum is a blend of Caribbean rum, natural coconut and oher flavors to create a smooth and creamy spirit with notes of sweet tropical fruit. This premium 80-proof rum has the perfect balance of sweetness and citrus for creating delicious rum cocktails, like the Pina Colada or the Captain's . Enjoy it straight over ice or mix it with your favorite juices and mixers for a fruity twist on classic drinks.

Choosing the Best Mixer for Coconut Rum

The best mixer for coconut rum depends on the type of cocktail you are looking to create. For a light and refreshing drink, try ginger or club with a splash of lime juice. For something more fruity, mix in pineapple juice, orange juice, guava juice, or lemonade. If you're looking for something creamy and sweet, rumchata is a great option. No matter what type of drink you make, be sure to use high-quality ingredients for the best flavor.


In conclusion, coconut rum is an incredibly versatile spirit that can be used in a wide range of cocktails and drinks. It adds a unique tropical flavor to any drink, making it perfect for summertime sipping. The best coconut rum will have a smooth flavor and aroma with subtle hints of vanilla or other sweet flavors. When looking for the perfect coconut rum, make sure to look for one made with real coconuts and natural flavors, as this will ensure you receive the fullest flavor profile possible. With so many excellent brands on the market, there is certain to be a coconut rum that suits evey taste preference!

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