The Surprising Amount of Wine You Can Fit in a Pallet

A pallet of is a remarkable sight to behold. With an average of 56 cases of wine, it contains a staggering 672 standard 750ml bottles. That's enough wine to fill more than two full or pour into a staggering 3,375 wine .

Pallet Wine Company, established in 2009, is the pioneer and busiest custom crush and private label wine facility in Southern Oregon. They handle the storage and preparation of these wine bottles with precision and care.

When the bottles arrive at the facility, they are typically shrink-wrapped and stacked on pallets. Each pallet contains six layers of bottles, totaling around 200 bottles per layer. The exact number may vary depending on the bottle type, and they are separated by cardboard or equivalent pallet dividers.

The shrink-wrapping provides protection and stability to the bottles during transportation and storage. It ensures that the bottles remain securely in place on the pallet, preventing any potential damage or breakage.

The pallet dividers play a crucial role in keeping the bottles separate and preventing them from colliding with one another. They act as a barrier, reducing the risk of bottles rubbing against each other and causing friction that could lead to breakage.

This careful organization and preparation ensure that the bottles are kept in optimal condition until they are ready to be used or shipped to their final destinations. It also allows for efficient inventory management, enabling easy tracking and retrieval of specific bottles when needed.

The size of a pallet, filled with an abundance of wine bottles, is truly impressive. It represents the culmination of meticulous winemaking, from the vineyard to the production facility, and highlights the scale at which Pallet Wine Company operates.

Whether these pallets of wine are destined for private labels, custom crush projects, or distribution, they are a testament to the thriving wine industry. They symbolize the passion and dedication of winemakers and the joy that their creations bring to wine enthusiasts around the world.

A pallet of wine is not just a collection of bottles; it represents an incredible amount of craftsmanship, expertise, and dedication. It showcases the artistry of winemaking and the logistics required to bring these bottles to market. So, the next time you raise a glass of wine, take a moment to appreciate the journey it took to reach you, starting from a pallet filled with liquid pleasures.

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What Is Pallet Wine?

Pallet wine refers to wine that is produced and bottled by a custom crush and private label wine facility, such as Pallet Wine Company. This means that winemakers or individuals who want to create their own wine brand can utilize the services of Pallet Wine Company to produce, bottle, and label their wines.

Pallet Wine Company, founded in 2009, is located in Southern Oregon and is known as the first and busiest custom crush and private label wine facility in the region. They specialize in offering their expertise and facilities to help individuals and businesses create their own unique wine brands.

Here are some key points about Pallet Wine Company and their services:

1. Custom Crush: Pallet Wine Company provides a custom crush service, which means they offer winemaking facilities and equipment for use by individuals or businesses who do not have their own winery. This allows people to produce their own wines without the need for investing in expensive equipment or infrastructure.

2. Private Label: Pallet Wine Company also offers a private label service, where individuals or businesses can create their own wine brand. This includes designing custom labels and packaging, as well as selecting the specific wine blend and varietals.

3. Production and Bottling: Pallet Wine Company handles the entire production process, from grape sourcing to fermentation, aging, and bottling. They have a team of experienced winemakers who ensure that the wine is produced to the highest standards.

4. Quality Control: Pallet Wine Company takes quality control seriously and ensures that all wines produced at their facility meet the highest standards. They have strict protocols in place to monitor and maintain the quality of the wine throughout the production process.

5. Expertise and Experience: With over a decade of experience, Pallet Wine Company has established itself as a trusted partner in the wine industry. They have a team of knowledgeable experts who can provide guidance and support throughout the winemaking process.

Pallet Wine Company is a custom crush and private label wine facility in Southern Oregon. They offer services to individuals and businesses who want to create their own wine brands, providing everything from production and bottling to labeling and packaging. Their expertise and experience make them a popular choice for those looking to enter the wine industry.

How Many Bottles Of Wine Are In A Pallet?

A pallet typically contains an average of 56 cases of wine. Each case typically contains 12 bottles of wine. Therefore, in a single pallet, you can expect to find a total of 672 bottles of wine.

To put it in perspective, this quantity of wine is equivalent to more than two full barrels of wine, which typically hold around 300 bottles each. Additionally, if you were to pour all the wine from a pallet into average-sized wine glasses, you could fill approximately 3,375 glasses.

A pallet of wine contains an impressive 672 average-sized 750ml bottles, making it a substantial amount for any wine enthusiast or business in the industry.


A pallet of wine is an impressive quantity that holds an average of 56 cases or 672 bottles of wine. It is equivalent to more than two full barrels of wine and can fill approximately 3,375 wine glasses. Pallet Wine Company, established in 2009, is a leading custom crush and private label wine facility in Southern Oregon. When storing and preparing bottles, empty bottles are typically shrink-wrapped on pallets, with around 200 bottles per layer and separated by cardboard or similar dividers. This ensures efficient organization and protection during transportation. a pallet of wine represents a significant volume of delicious libations and is an essential component in the wine production and distribution process.

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