The Power of Blue Label Vodka

When thinking of , the first thing that comes to mind is Smirnoff's Blue Label Original Ultra Premium Vodka. This classic spirit has been aound for decades and continues to be a favorite among vodka connoisseurs everywhere.

Smirnoff's Blue Label is made from a blend of grains, including corn, and wheat. The spirit is distilled five times in copper pot stills before being charcoal filtered three times. The result is a smooth and creamy vodka with a clean flavor profile.

In addition to its traditional 40% ABV Red Label, Smirnoff also distills an Export Strength version of its iconic Blue Label at 50% ABV. This higher proof vodka packs quite a punch and can add an extra kick to your favorite . Whether you're sipping it neat or mixing it into your favorite martini or other creative cocktail, the Export Strength version of Blue Label will not disappoint.

Smirnoff Blue Label has a rich history that goes all the way back to 1864 when Pyotr Arsenievich Smirnov founded his eponymous vodka distillery in Moscow. After fleeing Russia during the Bolshevik Revolution, Vladimir Smirnov established the company again in 1934 in Long Island City, New York. Today, this premium spirit is still produced using the original 1864 recipe and traditional production methods that have been passed down through generations of master distillers.

Whether you're looking for something strong or something smooth and mellow, Smirnoff's Blue Label Original Ultra Premium Vodka is sure to please even the most discriminating palates out there. So why not pick up a bottle today and experience this classic spirit for yourself?

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What Alcohol Content Does Blue Vodka Have?

Blue vodka is a type of Export Strength vodka, which is bottled at 50% ABV ( by Volume). This is higher than the standard 40% ABV for most vodkas. It's designed to add more of a “kick” to cocktails and other drinks, without the unpleasant taste of stronger . With its higher alcohol content, blue vodka provides a stronger flavor and a more intense drinking experience than standard red label vodkas.

The Benefits of Blue Vodka

Tahoe Blue Vodka is an exceptionally high-quality spirit. It has been hailed as the #1 Unflavored Vodka in the World with 94 points at the prestigious Ultimate Spirits Challenge in New York. This unique 3-vodka blend is distilled from grape, corn, and sugarcane, creating a smooth and balanced flavor that makes it an excellent choice for all types of cocktails. Its light but distinct taste ensures that each sip is enjoyable and memorable. Whether consumed neat or added to a classic cocktail, Tahoe Blue will definitely provide a pleasant experience for all vodka lovers.

The Taste of Blue Vodka

Blue vodka has a sweet, slightly oily mouthfeel and a full-bodied texture. It has a mild bite and no sharp, rubbing alcohol-like flavors. The aroma is heavy with no off-notes. On the palate, it has a smooth, clean flavor that is slightly sweet with hints of grain and vanilla. There is also a light citrus note that lingers in the aftertaste. All in all, Blue vodka offers an enjoyable sipping experience that allows you to appreciate its complex flavor profile.


Blue Label Vodka is a great choice for any vodka lover looking for something more than just the standard 40%. It's ultra-premium and high-proof, so it's perfect for creating bold and flavorful cocktails with an extra kick. Its smooth taste profile makes it great for sipping as well. With its 50% ABV, Blue Label Vodka is sure to excite even the most experienced drinkers.

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