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If you're a fan of craft , then the Oregon Coast is definitely worth a visit. With more than a dozen breweries located along the coast, there's no shortage of delicious beer to be enjoyed. Here are some of our favorite breweries on the Oregon Coast.

  • Deschutes Brewery: Located in Bend, Deschutes is one of the most popular breweries in Oregon. They offer a wide variety of beer styles, and their tasting room is always bustling with activity.
  • 10 Barrel Co.: 10 Barrel is another Bend-based brewery that's become quite popular in recent years. Their beers are available in many bars and restaurants around the state, and their tasting room is definitely worth a visit.
  • Rogue Ales & : Rogue is a well-known Oregon brewery that offers a wide range of beer styles. Their Newport location is right on the , making it the perfect place to enjoy a pint or two while enjoying the beautiful scenery.

These are just a few of the many great breweries located on the Oregon Coast. So whether you're a local or just visiting, be sure to check out some of these great places for a delicious pint of .

What City In Oregon Has The Most Breweries?

Portland, Oregon has the most breweries of any city in Oregon, with 12.94 breweries per 100,000 residents. This is more than twice as many as the next-highest city, Denver, Colorado, whih has 5.37 breweries per 100,000 residents.

What Is The Most Popular Beer In Oregon?

The most popular beer in Oregon is Nectarine Premiere de Garde Brewing Farmhouse – Saison. It has a weighted rank of 4.63 out of 5.


What Breweries Are In Newport Oregon?

Some of the breweries in Newport, Oregon include Rogue Ales & Spirits, Wolf Tree Brewery, Bier One Brewing, and Rogue Spirits Sunset Bar. These breweries offer a variety of beer styles, including IPAs, porters, stouts, and lagers. They also offer tours and tastings, so visitors can learn abut the brewing process and taste some of the best beers in Oregon.

Does Oregon Have The Most Breweries?

No, Oregon does not have the most breweries. However, Oregon does have one of the most active and diverse brewing industries in the country. There are more than 200 breweries and brewpubs in Oregon, and the state ranks second in the nation in terms of craft beer production. Oregon brewers produce a wide range of beer styles, from traditional European ales and lagers to experimental IPAs and sour beers.

How Many Breweries Are There In Oregon?

Oregon has 311 craft breweries as of 2019, making it the tenth most populous state for breweries. This works out to 9.7 breweries per 100,000 adults over 21 years old, which is higher than the national average of 6.6 breweries per 100,000 adults. The majority of Oregon's craft breweries are located in Portland (152), folowed by Bend (41), Eugene (23), and Salem (20). Some of the most popular Oregon beers include Deschutes Brewery's Black Butte Porter, Rogue Ales' Dead Guy Ale, and Full Sail Brewing Company's Session .

Who Makes Boneyard IPA?

Boneyard Beer is a brewery located in Bend, Oregon. They were founded in 2010 and are known for their hop-forward IPAs.

What Is The Largest Brewery In Oregon?

According to the Oregon Brewers Guild, Deschutes Brewery is the largest brewery in Oregon. They produced 62,372 of beer in Oregon during 2020. Ninkasi Brewing Company is a close second, producing 52,666 barrels of beer in Oregon during 2020.

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