The Versatility of Carared Malt in Beer Brewing

Weyermann® CARARED® is a specialty that brings a rich, deep red color and a range of flavors to . Made from high-quality German barley, this drum-roasted caramel malt is a versatile ingredient that can enhance the body and flavor of various beer styles.

One of the standout features of CARARED® is its ability to impart a saturated red hue to the beer. This vibrant color adds visual appeal to brews such as Red Ales, Amber Ales, and Amber Lagers. The deep red shade can also elevate Scottish Ales, Bock beers, Brown Ales, and Altbier, giving them a distinct and inviting appearance.

But CARARED® is not just about looks; it also brings a delightful array of flavors to the table. When used in the process, this malt introduces notes of caramel, honey, and biscuit. These flavors contribute to the overall complexity and depth of the beer, making it more enjoyable for beer enthusiasts.

In terms of usage, CARARED® can be incorporated into the mash with a proportion of up to 25% of the grist. This allows brewers to control the intensity of the red color and flavor in their beer. By adjusting the amount of CARARED® malt in the recipe, brewers can achieve the desired level of richness and depth.

Furthermore, CARARED® offers additional benefits beyond its visual and flavor contributions. Crystal malts like CARARED® contain compounds that have the ability to absorb oxygen. This property helps protect the beer from oxidation reactions, preserving its freshness and quality.

Compared to other crystal malts, CARARED® stands out with its lovibond value in the range of 16 to 23. This means that it falls within a medium to medium-dark caramel malt category. This versatility allows brewers to experiment and create a wide range of beer styles, from lighter ambers to deeper reds.

Weyermann® CARARED® is a premium caramel malt that can elevate the appearance, flavor, and overall quality of your beers. With its deep red color, notes of caramel, honey, and biscuit, and its ability to protect against oxidation, CARARED® is an excellent choice for brewers looking to enhance their creations. Whether you're brewing a Red , Amber , or any other beer style that can benefit from a touch of red magic, CARARED® is a malt worth considering. Cheers to brewing with depth and style!

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What Is Carared Malt?

Weyermann® CARARED® is a type of malt that is produced by drum-roasting two-row German barley. This process imparts a rich, deep red color to the malt, making it ideal for enhancing the appearance of beers. However, the benefits of CARARED® go beyond just its color.

When used in the brewing process, CARARED® can contribute to a fuller body and mouthfeel in the finished beer. This can be particularly desirable in styles such as Red Ales, Amber Ales, and Scottish Ales, where a more robust and substantial character is desired.

In terms of flavor, CARARED® brings a range of delicious notes to the table. The malt imparts a distinct caramel sweetness, adding depth and complexity to the beer. Additionally, hints of honey and biscuit can be detected, further enhancing the overall taste profile.

The versatility of CARARED® is another reason why it is a favored malt among brewers. It is well-suited for use in a variety of beer styles, including Amber Lagers, Bock beers, Brown Ales, and Altbier. Its ability to contribute both color and flavor makes it a valuable ingredient in the brewer's toolkit.

To summarize, CARARED® is a drum-roasted caramel malt made from German barley. Its primary benefits include adding a deep red color, enhancing body and mouthfeel, and providing flavors of caramel, honey, and biscuit. It is a versatile malt that can be used in a wide range of beer styles to achieve desired characteristics.

Is Carared A Crystal Malt?

CARARED is indeed a crystal malt. It is a type of caramel malt produced by the German maltster, Weyermann. Crystal malts are created by kilning malted barley at a higher temperature than pale malts, resulting in the formation of caramelized sugars and the development of a rich, sweet flavor.

CARARED specifically falls within the range of 16 to 23 lovibond, which refers to the color of the malt. The lovibond scale measures the intensity of color in malts, with higher values indicating darker malts. CARARED's lovibond value places it in the range of a deep red color.

In brewing, CARARED can be used in the mash, typically comprising up to 25% of the grist. By incorporating CARARED, brewers can achieve a deep red hue in their beers. This malt adds both color and a subtle caramel sweetness to the final product, enhancing its overall flavor profile.

To summarize, CARARED is a crystal malt produced by Weyermann with a lovibond value in the range of 16 to 23. It can be used in brewing to achieve a deep red color and add a caramel sweetness to the beer.


Weyermann® CARARED® is a highly versatile and flavorful caramel malt that adds depth, body, and a beautiful deep red color to a wide range of beer styles. Made from premium German barley and drum-roasted to perfection, this malt brings out notes of caramel, honey, and biscuit in the final brew.

With a lovibond value ranging from 16 to 23, CARARED® is perfect for creating red ales, amber ales, amber lagers, Scottish ales, bock beers, brown ales, and altbiers. It can be used in the mash, comprising up to 25% of the grist, to achieve the desired color and flavor profile.

One of the advantages of using CARARED® is its ability to absorb oxygen, which helps protect the beer from oxidation reactions. This ensures that the final product maintains its freshness and quality over time.

Compared to other crystal malts, CARARED® stands out with its unique characteristics. It provides a fuller body and a richer, more intense flavor profile, without any harsh or nutty roasted flavors that may be present in other crystal malts.

Whether you are a professional brewer or a homebrew enthusiast, adding Weyermann® CARARED® to your recipe will undoubtedly enhance the overall quality and appeal of your beer. Its versatility and ability to contribute both color and flavor make it an excellent choice for creating a wide variety of delicious and visually appealing brews.

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