The Rich Flavors of Carafa Malt

Carafa is a key ingredient in the process that adds depth, richness, and complexity to dark beers. With its robust flavor profile and ability to contribute both color and taste, Carafa malt is a popular choice among brewers looking to create a wide range of styles.

Originating from Germany, Carafa malt is made from high-quality spring barley that is carefully roasted to perfection. The malt is roasted with the husk intact, which allows for the development of more pronounced dry, roasted flavors. This unique roasting process results in an espresso-like bouquet, as well as notes of and chocolate in the final product.

Carafa malt comes in three darkness levels: Carafa I, Carafa II, and Carafa III. Carafa I is the lightest of the three and is similar in color and flavor profile to chocolate malt. It imparts a subtle chocolate taste and adds a rich, dark brown color to the beer. Carafa II falls between chocolate malt and black patent malt in terms of darkness, with a range of 400-500L. It offers a slightly stronger flavor and darker color compared to Carafa I. Carafa III is the darkest of the three and is comparable to black patent malt. It delivers a bold, roasted flavor and a deep black color to the beer.

When using Carafa malt in brewing, it is important to note that Carafa II is often preferred for more subtle dark grain additions. Its lighter flavor and color contributions make it suitable for beers where a touch of roasted grain is desired without overpowering the other flavors. Carafa II works well in a variety of beer styles, including stouts, porters, and dunkels, providing a delightful complexity to the final product.

One of the advantages of Carafa malt is its ability to produce opaque beers with a dark brown or black color. This is particularly desirable when brewing styles that require a deep, rich appearance. Carafa malt also adds a mild but noticeable roasted aftertaste, which can elevate the overall flavor profile of the beer.

Carafa malt is a versatile and essential ingredient for brewers looking to add depth and complexity to their dark beers. With its carefully roasted flavors, ranging from chocolate to black patent, Carafa malt offers a wide range of options for brewers to experiment and create unique and flavorful brews. So, whether you're brewing a , porter, or any other dark beer style, consider incorporating Carafa malt to enhance your brew's color and taste.

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What Is A Carafa?

Carafa is a type of malt that originates from Germany. It is considered a dark roasted malt, similar in nature to chocolate malt. However, what sets Carafa apart is that it is roasted with the husk intact, which allows it to develop more pronounced dry and roasted flavors.

Here are some key points about Carafa:

1. Origin: Carafa malt hails from Germany, specifically from the Bavarian region where it is commonly used in brewing.

2. Roasting process: Carafa undergoes a roasting process where the husk of the malt is left intact. This unique method contributes to the development of specific flavors and characteristics.

3. Dark roast: Carafa is known for its dark roast, which results in a rich, deep color and intense flavors. The darker the roast, the more pronounced the roasted flavors become.

4. Dry, roasted flavors: Carafa imparts dry and roasted flavors to the beer. These flavors can range from coffee-like and chocolatey to nutty and toasty.

5. Versatility in brewing: Carafa is a versatile malt that can be used in various beer styles, including stouts, porters, dark ales, and even some lagers. Its flavor profile adds complexity and depth to these brews.

6. Color contribution: Carafa can significantly darken the color of the beer, depending on the amount used. Brewers often utilize it to achieve a desired shade and enhance the appearance of their beer.

7. Specialty malt: Carafa is categorized as a specialty malt, meaning it is used in smaller quantities compared to base malts. It is typically added to the grain bill alongside other malts to create a specific flavor and color profile.

Carafa is a German dark roasted malt that offers a distinct dry and roasted flavor profile. It is roasted with the husk intact, resulting in more pronounced flavors compared to other dark roasted malts. Its versatility in brewing makes it a popular choice among brewers looking to add complexity to their beers.

What Does Carafa Taste Like?

Carafa, a roasted specialty malt from Weyermann®, offers a unique flavor profile that adds depth and complexity to beer. When used in brewing, Carafa imparts a distinct taste reminiscent of espresso, with notes of coffee and chocolate. These flavors contribute to the overall character of the beer, providing a rich and indulgent experience for the palate.

In addition to its robust flavor, Carafa also leaves a mild but noticeable roasted aftertaste. This aftertaste adds a pleasant lingering note that complements the other flavors in the beer. It helps to balance out the sweetness and adds a touch of bitterness to the overall taste profile.

The color produced by Carafa is another notable characteristic. When added to beer, it creates a dark brown hue that is opaque and visually appealing. This deep, rich color adds to the visual experience of enjoying a beer brewed with Carafa.

To summarize, Carafa is known for its espresso-like bouquet, coffee and chocolate flavors, and a mild roasted aftertaste. It produces beer with a dark brown, opaque appearance. These qualities make Carafa 2 a popular choice for brewers looking to add complexity and depth to their beer recipes.


Carafa malt is a versatile and flavorful ingredient that adds depth and complexity to dark beers. With its carefully roasted grains, it brings out rich espresso and coffee notes, as well as hints of chocolate. The use of Carafa Type 2, in particular, provides a lighter touch compared to its darker counterparts, making it suitable for those looking for more subtle dark grain additions. Whether you are brewing a stout, porter, or any other dark beer style, Carafa malt can contribute both color and taste to enhance the overall profile of your brew. Its German origins and high-quality production make it a reliable choice for brewers seeking to create rich, roasted flavors in their beers. So, if you're looking to add a touch of darkness and complexity to your next brewing project, consider incorporating Carafa malt into your recipe.

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