The Appeal of Cloudy & Cumbersome IPA

If you're a enthusiast, you've probably heard of the hazy, juicy, and aromatic wonders of New England-style IPAs. And if you're new to the craft scene, get ready to be introduced to a favorite among both newbies and seasoned drinkers alike – Levante 's Cloudy and Cumbersome .

As the name suggests, Cloudy and Cumbersome IPA is a beer that embraces its hazy appearance, bringing a unique and irresistible charm to the glass. This 5.9% ABV beer is a true embodiment of the New England-style IPA style, delivering balance, complexity, and a dry-hopped flavor profile that will leave you wanting more.

One of the defining characteristics of Cloudy and Cumbersome is its delightful haziness. Unlike clear, filtered beers, this brew retains some sediment, which gives it a cloudy appearance. But fear not, for this sediment is perfectly safe to consume. In fact, it's often seen as a positive trait in hazy beers, showcasing the beer's natural ingredients and brewing process.

The sediment in Cloudy and Cumbersome is primarily comprised of and proteins. These elements are produced during the brewing process or through bottle conditioning. Bottle conditioning is a technique where beer undergoes a secondary fermentation in the bottle, creating natural carbonation and enhancing the flavors over time. So, when you see those floaties in your glass, you can rest assured that they are a testament to the beer's craftsmanship and quality.

Now, let's talk about the taste. Cloudy and Cumbersome IPA is bursting with hop flavors and aromas, thanks to its meticulous dry-hopping process. Dry-hopping involves adding directly to the fermented beer, allowing the flavors and aromas to infuse without adding bitterness. This technique results in a beer that is hop-forward, yet balanced and approachable.

Expect to be greeted with juicy citrus notes, tropical fruit flavors, and a touch of pine. The backbone provides a subtle sweetness that complements the hop character, creating a harmonious drinking experience. The mouthfeel is smooth and creamy, with a medium body that adds to the overall enjoyment of the beer.

Whether you're sipping on Cloudy and Cumbersome for the first time or adding it to your list of go-to IPAs, you're in for a treat. Its approachable nature and flavorful profile make it a crowd-pleaser, perfect for sharing with friends or enjoying on your own.

Cloudy and Cumbersome IPA from Levante Brewing is a shining example of a New England-style IPA. Its hazy appearance, balanced flavors, and dry-hopped perfection make it a favorite among craft beer enthusiasts. So, grab a can, pour yourself a glass, and indulge in the delightful world of Cloudy and Cumbersome. Cheers!

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How Much Alcohol Is In Cloudy And Cumbersome?

Levante Brewing's Cloudy and Cumbersome IPA contains 5.9% ABV ( by volume). This means that for every 16 ounces of the beer, approximately 0.94 ounces is pure alcohol. It is important to note that the alcohol content may vary slightly between batches or depending on storage conditions.

Is Cloudy And Cumbersome A Hazy IPA?

Cloudy & Cumbersome is indeed a Hazy IPA. This beer is crafted in the quintessential New England-Style, which is characterized by its hazy appearance, balanced flavor profile, and dry-hopping process. Hazy IPAs are known for their cloudiness, which is a result of the high protein content and suspended yeast in the beer. This style is distinct from the clear and filtered appearance of traditional IPAs.

Cloudy & Cumbersome stands out in the Hazy IPA category due to its exceptional balance and dry-hop infusion. It is dry-hopped to perfection, which means that additional hops are added during the fermentation process to enhance the beer's aroma and flavor. This dry-hopping technique results in a more pronounced hop presence, elevating the overall experience of the beer.

Cloudy & Cumbersome's hazy nature and dry-hopped character make it a favorite among both new craft beer drinkers and seasoned craft beer enthusiasts. Its approachability and well-rounded flavor profile make it an excellent choice for those looking to explore the world of Hazy IPAs.

What Does It Mean If Your Beer Is Cloudy?

Cloudy beer refers to a beer that has a hazy or opaque appearance, as opposed to being clear and transparent. This cloudiness is typically caused by the presence of suspended particles in the beer. These particles can include yeast, proteins, and other compounds that are produced during the brewing process or introduced during bottle conditioning.

There are several reasons why a beer may appear cloudy:

1. Yeast: Some beer styles, such as wheat beers and certain Belgian ales, intentionally leave yeast in the beer to contribute to its flavor and appearance. This yeast remains suspended in the beer, giving it a cloudy appearance.

2. Proteins: During the brewing process, proteins can be released from malted barley and other ingredients used in beer production. These proteins can also contribute to the cloudiness of the beer.

3. Bottle Conditioning: Bottle conditioning is a process in which additional yeast and sugar are added to the beer before it is bottled. This allows the beer to undergo a secondary fermentation in the bottle, creating carbonation. The yeast used for bottle conditioning can sometimes remain suspended in the beer, causing it to appear cloudy.

It's important to note that while cloudy beer may not have the same visual appeal as clear beer, it does not necessarily indicate that there is something wrong with the beer. In fact, some beer styles, such as New England IPAs, are intentionally brewed to be cloudy. These beers often have a more pronounced hop aroma and flavor, and the cloudiness is considered to be a desirable characteristic.

If you encounter a cloudy beer and are unsure if it is intentional or a sign of a problem, it's best to consult the beer's style guidelines or the brewery's recommendations. Some beers may naturally settle and clarify over time, while others are meant to be enjoyed in their cloudy state.

To summarize, cloudy beer indicates the presence of suspended particles, such as yeast and proteins, which can be intentional or a byproduct of the brewing process. It is important to understand the specific beer style and brewery recommendations to determine if the cloudiness is intentional or if further clarification is needed.


Levante Brewing's Cloudy and Cumbersome IPA is a prime example of a New England-style IPA. With its hazy appearance, well-balanced flavors, and perfect dry-hopping technique, this beer has gained popularity among both novice and seasoned craft beer enthusiasts.

The presence of sediment in Cloudy and Cumbersome is not a negative trait. In fact, it is a common characteristic of unfiltered or bottle-conditioned beers. The sediment consists of yeast or proteins that form during the brewing process, adding depth and complexity to the beer's flavor profile.

For those unfamiliar with hazy or cloudy beers, it is important to note that the sediment is perfectly safe to consume. It does not affect the quality or taste of the beer. However, it is worth mentioning that excessive sediment can be an indication of an older beer, so it is best to avoid beers with an excess of sediment that resembles dandruff-like particles.

Levante Brewing's Cloudy and Cumbersome IPA offers a delightful drinking experience. Its approachability and wide appeal make it a go-to choice for beer lovers looking to explore the world of New England-style IPAs. So, grab a can, embrace the haze, and enjoy the flavorful journey that this beer has to offer.

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