Spice Up Your Night with Riot Juice!

Looking to kickstart your taste buds with a bold and invigorating concoction? Look no further than the Riot Juice recipe. This vibrant and flavorful mix is sure to awaken your senses and leave you craving for more. Whether you're a fan of rum, , or , this recipe offers options for everyone. So, let's dive into the exciting world of Riot Juice and discover how to make this irresistible beverage.

To begin, let's explore the classic version of Riot Juice. This recipe calls for 3/4 oz Blue Curacao, 1/2 oz Overproof White Rum, 3/4 oz Lemon Juice, and 1/4 oz Simple Syrup. These ingredients form the base of the cocktail, providing a tangy and refreshing foundation.

To add a unique twist to the drink, we'll incorporate Fight Milk Ice. This ice, made from the legendary Fight Milk, brings a velvety texture and a hint of protein to the mix. Simply freeze Fight Milk in an ice cube tray and add it to your glass before pouring in the other ingredients.

For those who prefer a bolder and stronger kick, an alternative version of Riot Juice can be made with 1.75 ounces of dark rum, bourbon, or . This substitution adds depth and richness to the cocktail, making it a perfect choice for those who enjoy a more robust flavor.

To enhance the taste and texture of Riot Juice, we'll introduce a few additional ingredients. Begin by adding 1 tablespoon of peanut butter, which adds a creamy and nutty element to the mix. Then, incorporate 0.5 teaspoon of vanilla extract, which lends a subtle sweetness to balance out the tanginess of the lemon juice.

To further elevate the flavor, include 0.5 ounce of maple syrup. This natural sweetener brings a delightful hint of caramel and enhances the overall richness of the drink. Finally, pour in 4 ounces of milk, providing a smooth and velvety texture that complements the other ingredients.

Now that we have our Riot Juice mixture ready, it's time to give it a finishing touch. Crush a box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal into a fine powder and rim the glass with it. This adds a crunchy and aromatic element to each sip, enhancing the overall experience.

For the adventurous souls who crave a spicy kick, consider garnishing your Riot Juice with an orange twist and a chili pepper. The citrusy zest from the orange peel adds a refreshing aroma, while the chili pepper brings a fiery punch to the mix. To balance out the heat, add a splash of Mexican , such as a or pale , to mellow the spiciness and create a harmonious blend of flavors.

And there you have it, the Riot Juice recipe that will leave you energized and craving for more. Whether you choose the classic version with Blue Curacao and White Rum or the bolder alternative with dark rum, bourbon, or cognac, this cocktail is sure to impress your taste buds with its vibrant flavors and unique ingredients.

So, gather your ingredients, shake up a glass of Riot Juice, and let the riot of flavors take you on an exhilarating journey. Cheers to a refreshing and unforgettable experience!

riot juice recipe

What Is Riot Juice Made From?

Riot juice is a popular cocktail that is typically made from a combination of different alcoholic ingredients. The specific recipe can vary, but the main components of riot juice typically include Blue Curacao, overproof white rum, lemon juice, and simple syrup.

Here is a breakdown of the ingredients used in riot juice:

– Blue Curacao: Riot juice usually contains 3/4 oz of Blue Curacao. Blue Curacao is a that is made from the dried peels of the laraha citrus fruit, which is native to the island of Curaçao. It has a bright blue color and a sweet, orange-like flavor.

– Overproof White Rum: Riot juice typically calls for 1/2 oz of overproof white rum. Overproof rum is a type of rum that has a higher content than regular rum. It is often used in to give them an extra kick.

– Lemon Juice: The recipe for riot juice usually includes 3/4 oz of lemon juice. Lemon juice adds a tart and citrusy flavor to the cocktail, balancing out the sweetness of the other ingredients.

– Simple Syrup: Riot juice typically requires 1/4 oz of simple syrup. Simple syrup is a mixture of equal parts sugar and water that has been heated until the sugar dissolves. It is commonly used in cocktails to add sweetness and balance out the flavors.

To make riot juice, you would typically combine all of these ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice. Then, you would shake well and strain the mixture into a glass. Some variations of riot juice may also include additional ingredients such as water or garnishes like lemon wedges or mint leaves.

Riot juice is a vibrant and flavorful cocktail that combines the sweetness of Blue Curacao with the boldness of overproof white rum and the tanginess of lemon juice. It is a refreshing and potent drink that is perfect for those looking to enjoy a lively and spirited beverage.


The Riot Juice recipe is a unique and vibrant concoction that combines a variety of flavors and ingredients to create a powerful and invigorating drink. The combination of Blue Curacao, Overproof White Rum, Lemon Juice, and Simple Syrup creates a refreshing and tangy base, while the addition of Fight Milk Ice adds a cool and refreshing element to the mix.

The inclusion of dark rum, bourbon, or cognac adds depth and richness to the drink, complemented by the creamy and nutty flavors of peanut butter and vanilla extract. The touch of maple syrup adds a hint of sweetness, balancing out the tartness of the lemon juice.

The use of Cinnamon Toast Crunch as a garnish not only adds a delightful crunch but also infuses the drink with a comforting and nostalgic cinnamon flavor. This unique twist elevates the Riot Juice to a whole new level, making it a truly memorable and enjoyable beverage.

For those who appreciate a little kick, the addition of aged tequila, agave nectar, and Angostura bitters adds a spicy and robust element, while the orange twist and chili pepper garnish add a zesty and fiery touch.

To top it all off, a splash of Mexican beer brings a refreshing effervescence, making the Riot Juice a perfect choice for any occasion, whether it be a party, a gathering, or simply a night in.

The Riot Juice recipe is a creative and exciting blend of flavors that is sure to leave a lasting impression. Its combination of unique ingredients and bold flavors make it a standout choice for those looking to spice up their cocktail repertoire. So, gather your ingredients, mix up a glass of Riot Juice, and get ready to embark on a flavor adventure like no other. Cheers!

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