Clown Shoes Beer: From Local Dream to National Brand

Clown Shoes is an iconic brand located in Ipswich, Massachusetts. Founded in 2009, Clown Shoes has been at the forefront of the craft beer revolution by creating unique and exciting beers that are sure to bring out any beer lover's inner clown. The brewery is now owned by Mass Bay Company (MBBC), the parent of Harpoon and UFO, and continues to produce a wide selection of year-round and limited release beers.

Clown Shoes' lineup is as diverse as it is flavorful. From hoppy IPAs to rich stouts, there's something for everyone at Clown Shoes. The brewery's flagship beer is the Undead Party Crasher, an Imperial made with , vanilla beans, cocoa nibs, and lactose sugar. Other popular offerings include Tramp Stamp Belgian , Blaecorn Unidragon Russian Imperial Stout, Space Cake Double IPA, and Hoppy Feet Black IPA. All of these beers have achieved high ratings from the likes of BeerAdvocate and RateBeer.

In addition to their award-winning core lineup of beers, Clown Shoes also releases a variety of special edition brews throughout the year. These include barrel-aged stouts aged in from Heaven Hill Distilleries and limited edition beers like their recent collaboration with Dogfish Head Brewery – a sour brewed with blueberries called “Blueberry Jammer”.

For thoe looking to sample Clown Shoes' offerings without committing to a full bottle or six-pack purchase, they offer tours at their Ipswich brewery on Saturdays from 11am – 4pm (weather permitting). During these tours you can sample some of their core lineup as well as try some limited releases that might not be available elsewhere. You can also take a self-guided tour through their brewery facility while learning more about their brewing process and history.

Clown Shoes Beer has been delighting craft beer fans around the world for more than 10 years now thanks to its unique flavor profiles and special releases that keep customers coming back for more! Whether you're looking for a new favorite beer or just want to learn more about one of Massachusetts' most beloved craft breweries, make sure you check out what Clown Shoes has to offer!

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Origin of Clown Shoes Brewery

Clown Shoes brewery is from Ipswich, Massachusetts. Founded in 2009, Clown Shoes is a nationally distributed brewery that produces a wide variety of year-round and limited release beers. Based in Ipswich, Massachusetts, Clown Shoes was founded by Mass Bay Brewing Co., and has since grown to become one of the most popular craft beer brands in the United States.

Who is the Owner of Clown Shoes Beer?

Clown Shoes Beer is now owned by Mass Bay Brewing Co., the parent company of Harpoon and UFO beers. Mass Bay Brewing Co. is an employee-owned company with more than 300 employees, and they have acquired Clown Shoes Beer for an undisclosed price.

What Brand Manufactures Clown Shoes?

Mass Bay Brewing Company (MBBC) is the parent company of Clown Shoes Beer. Founded in 2009, Clown Shoes quickly grew into a popular beer brand, and was purchased by MBBC last October. MBBC also owns Harpoon Brewery and UFO beers, giving them a wide variety of craft beer offerings. With MBBC as the parent company, Clown Shoes Beer is able to access resources and expertise to ensure their product quality remains top-notch. Sean Geary, the brand manager for Clown Shoes Beer, is excited about the partnership and believes that it will only help to improve their product even further.


Clown Shoes Beer has certainly come a long way since its inception in 2009. From a small local Ipswich brewery to being acquired by Mass Bay Brewing Company, the brand has grown into one of the most popular craft beers in Massachusetts. With a wide variety of year-round and limited release beers, Clown Shoes Beer has become a nationally distributed brand that is enjoyed by beer connoisseurs around the country. The acquisition of Clown Shoes Beer by Mass Bay Brewing Company is sure to expand the reach and offerings of this beloved beer even further.

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