Sipping Into History: Coopers Craft Bourbon

Are you looking for a unique and delicious ? Look no further than Coopers Craft! This award-winning bourbon is made with the highest quality ingredients and crafted with care by Master Distiller Chris Morris and his team of talented craftsmen at Brown-Forman Distillery in Louisville, Kentucky.

This bourbon is made from a mash of barley, wheat and grains, which are combined with a signature corn base. It then ages in new that are raised in Brown-Forman Cooperage, ensuring this delicious has the best possible flavor. Thanks to its delicate blend of grains and the perfect aging process, Coopers Craft delivers an unforgettable flavor that makes it a favorite among many connoisseurs.

When it comes to taste, Coopers Craft is light and gentle yet robust and complex. The nose brings forth hints of woody spices while the palate features sweet flavors of caramel, vanilla and oak. The finish is smooth but still packs a punch!

Since Coopers Craft does not wear an age statement it's assumed to be just abve four years old. Plus, it's gluten free so those with Celiac Disease or other forms of gluten intolerance can enjoy this amazing bourbon without worry.

Whether you're looking for something special to sip on or just want an everyday whiskey that stands out from the rest, Coopers Craft Bourbon should definitely be on your list. It's truly one of a kind!

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Who Produces Coopers Craft Bourbon?

Coopers' Craft is a premium small-batch bourbon made by Brown‑Forman, one of the world's largest and most respected companies. Brown‑Forman has been making spirits since 1945, and they are the only major distiller to own teir own new barrel cooperage. This gives them exclusive access to high-quality barrels that are specifically designed to bring out the unique flavor profile of Coopers' Craft bourbon. Their coopers craft each barrel with a combination of precise charring and toasting techniques, as well as several different types of fine woods, to create a unique flavor profile for each batch of the bourbon. The result is a smooth, robust spirit that is perfect for sipping neat or in classic like an Old Fashioned.

Aging Process of Coopers Craft Bourbon

Cooper's Craft Bourbon is aged for a minimum of four years. During this time, the bourbon is aged in oak barrels and slowly mellowed to create an incredibly smooth and flavorful spirit. The longer it ages, the more complex the flavor profile becomes. After aging for four years, the bourbon is carefully blended and bottled at 82.2 proof to create a unique and distinctive taste that has been enjoyed by many over the years.

Where is Coopers Craft Beer Produced?

Coopers' Craft is made at Brown-Forman Distillery in Louisville, Kentucky, using barrels raised at the Brown-Forman Cooperage in the same city. The process is overseen by Chris Morris, Master Distiller, and a team of experienced craftsmen. The barrels used for Coopers' Craft are crafted from a specific type of white oak sourced from Missouri and , then aged for a minimum of nine months before being charred on the inside and bottled. The process results in a distinct flavor profile that celebrates craftsmanship and quality.

Is Coopers Bourbon Gluten-Free?

Coopers bourbon is considered to be gluten free. This is because, unlike many other liquors, it is made with a corn base and does not contain any of the grains associated with gluten – barley, wheat and rye. The U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has deemed that straight bourbon is safe for people with Celiac Disease or other forms of gluten intolerance. As such, Coopers bourbon can be safely consumed by those who are sensitive to gluten.

Cooper's Craft Distillery Location

Cooper's Craft is distilled in the heart of Louisville, Kentucky at the Brown-Forman Cooperage. The Cooperage has been crafting barrels for the company since 1948, making it one of the oldest cooperages in the United States. The Brown-Forman Cooperage produces all of the wooden barrels used by Cooper's Craft to age its whiskeys.

The process begins with American White Oak logs sourced from Missouri, Ohio and Indiana. Each log is inspected for quality and then split into staves. The staves are then given a unique toasting and charring profile to create Cooper's Craft signature flavor profile. After this process, the staves are formed into barrels that are then filled with whiskey in preparation for maturation.

The barrels are then stored in warehouses located onsite at the Brown-Forman Cooperage until they reach peak flavor potential. Once aged, the whiskey is taken from the barrels and bottled by hand at a nearby facility before beng shipped to retailers across America and around the world.


Coopers Craft bourbon is a high-quality product crafted by the talented team of craftsmen at Brown-Forman Distillery in Louisville, Kentucky. It is a straight bourbon without an age statement, but it is assumed to be just above four years old. The unique mash composition of barley, wheat, rye, and corn creates a complex flavor profile that can range from light and gentle to robust and complex. Furthermore, Coopers Craft is gluten-free making it safe for thoe with Celiac Disease or other forms of gluten intolerance. Overall, Coopers Craft is an excellent choice for those seeking a high-quality bourbon that offers a unique flavor experience.

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