The Luxury of Luc Belaire Rosé: A Case of Deliciousness!

If you're looking for a luxurious and indulgent to share with friends, family and guests, then look no further than Luc Belaire in a case of 6 bottles. This exquisite French rosé offers a delightful blend of dark fruit and floral notes. With an ABV of 12.5%, the Luc Belaire Rosé is the perfect choice for any occasion.

This bottle of is sure to impress your guests with its beautiful light pink hue and bright aromas of red fruits and sweet notes. Not only does this rosé have an exquisite flavor profile, but it also comes in an eye-catching 6 litre Methuselah bottle that lights up when you press the button at the bottom! If you're looking for something special to serve for your next event or celebration, Luc Belaire Rosé is sure to be a hit.

The average cost for a case of Luc Belaire Rosé is $360 for 12 750ml bottles. But if you're looking to save money, you can purchase a carton price of N77,000 whch includes 6 bottles instead of 12.

No matter how you choose to enjoy it, Luc Belaire Rosé will be sure to make your next gathering even more memorable! With its vibrant flavors and high quality craftsmanship, this delicious rosé is sure to delight your taste buds and leave you wanting more!

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Number of Bottles of Belaire in a Case

A case of Luc Belaire Bleu 750ml contains 6 bottles. Each bottle contains 750ml, so the total amount of wine in one case is 4500ml. Enjoy!

The Cost of a Case of Belair

A case of Belaire Rosé contains 12 bottles of 750ml each, and typically costs around $360. That works out to an average of $30 per bottle, making it a great value for those looking to enjoy the bright, floral notes of this popular rosé. With its light body and refreshing acidity, Belaire Rosé is perfect for sipping on its own or pairing with your favorite dishes. Cheers!

Price of Carton of Belaire

A carton of Belaire Brut is N77,000. It contains 6 bottles of the wine at a unit price of N13,300 each, adding up to a total of N77,000 for the whole carton.

Tasting Notes for Belaire Luxe Rose

Belaire Luxe Rose is a light, refreshing wine that offers a pleasing mix of fresh strawberry and raspberry aromas on the nose. On the palate, it is creamy and rich with sweet berry flavors, complemented by hints of wood. The smooth texture leads to a long, velvety finish that makes this wine incredibly drinkable.

Types of Belaire Champagne

Belaire Rosé is neither overly sweet nor overly dry. The flavor is balanced with a hint of sweetness, creating an elegant and refreshing taste. On the palate, you'll find vibrant notes of strawberry and black currant balanced out by a light acidity, making the wine perfect for any occasion.

The Quality of Belaire Champagne

Belaire is an excellent choice for any special occasion. The taste is crisp and clean with a subtle sweetness. It has a nice balance between fruity, floral, and earthy flavors that create a complex and enjoyable experience. The bubbles are tiny and abundant, making it an ideal choice for toasting or celebrating. Belaire champagne also has a long-lasting finish that lingers on the palate. All in all, it's a great champagne with an impressive blend of flavors that will leave your guests impressed.


In conclusion, a case of Belaire Rosé is an average of $360 for 12 750ml bottles and is a great choice for any special occasion. Not only does it have a delicious, dark fruit, floral, fruit, red fruits, and sweet flavor but also comes in a unique 6 liter Methuselah bottle which lights up when you press the button at the bottom. Luc Belaire Rosé Fantôme 6.0L Methuselah (12.5% Vol.) makes an excellent addition to any wine collection and is sure to impress all your guests.

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