The Unique Taste of Monkey 47 Gin – A Black Forest Delight!

Monkey 47 Dry is an exceptional gin that hails from the Black Forest region of Germany. Its unique flavor and aroma are derived from the 47 botanicals used to craft it, hence its name. Monkey 47 is batch-distilled and handcrafted, giving it an unparalleled complexity and quality.

The base spirit of Monkey 47 is made from wheat grain, with the addition of a unique ingredient – lingonberries. These berries lend a tart note to the gin, as well as imparting a richness to the flavor profile. Furthermore, other botanicals such as juniper, coriander, lavender and citrus peels also add depth and complexity to this delightful spirit.

The result is a smooth yet complex gin with a ABV of 47%. The taste can be described as having notes of dried berries such as cranberry and raspberry, herbs, spices and an underlying sweetness from the lingonberries. The finish is clean and dry with a lingering hint of citrus peel.

Monkey 47 Dry Gin has won numerous awards for its exceptional quality and taste, including being named ‘Gin of the Year' in 2018 by Gin Foundry. It's no woder why this gin has become so popular all over the world – it truly is one of the finest gins money can buy! So if you're looking for something special next time you're at your local bar or liquor store, be sure to give Monkey 47 Dry Gin a try – you won't regret it!

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The Unique Appeal of Monkey 47 Gin

Monkey 47 is an exceptional gin from the Black Forest in Germany, made with an impressive 47 botanicals. Distinctive amongst other gins, it contains Lingonberries which add a unique and tart flavor to the gin. What's more, it is bottled at a high strength of 47% ABV. This strong content helps bring out the complex flavors of the botanicals, creating a truly remarkable taste experience that must be tried to be believed.

Is Monkey 47 Gin a Good Choice?

Yes, Monkey 47 Schwarzwald Dry is an excellent gin. It is distilled using 47 different botanicals and has a unique herbal and fruity aroma complemented by a mild sweetness. The juniper berries provide a light citrus flavor while the elderberries create a subtle bitterness that adds complexity to the gin. Additionally, the gin has an exceptionally smooth finish with no harsh aftertaste. Overall, Monkey 47 is an outstanding gin that is well worth the price for its quality and taste.

The Origin of the Name Monkey 47

Monkey 47 is named for its 47 carefully selected botanicals, each of which contributes to the unique flavor of the gin. The name also pays homage to its origins in Germany's Black Forest region, as '47' references the year 1947, when a British pilot first settled in Baden-Württemberg and established the distillery where Monkey 47 is still produced today. Additionally, ‘monkey' is a nod to the pilot's beloved pet monkey that he brought with him from India and kept as a companion. This lively creature was often seen playing around the distillery grounds, thus inspiring the gin's mischievous mascot.

The Benefits of Monkey 47 Gin

Monkey 47 is an exceptionally high-quality gin made in Germany's Black Forest region. The gin is unique in that it is created using a blend of 47 different botanicals, including juniper berries, coriander, ginger root, and cranberries. The recipe is over 100 years old and was originally invented by an English officer stationed in the area. The gin is batch distilled and handcrafted before being bottled in the iconic black bottle with the iconic monkey logo. This gin has a complex flavor profile and a smooth finish, making it one of the most popular gins on the market today.


In conclusion, Monkey 47 is a unique and highly acclaimed gin from the Black Forest region of Germany. It stands out from other gins thanks to its 47 botanicals, each carefully selected to create a complex and balanced flavor. The 47% alcohol content ensures a smooth and flavorful drinking experience. Monkey 47 is an excellent choice for any gin connoisseur looking for something special in their glass.

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