The Magic of Shimmery Liqueur

Welcome to the world of shimmery ! This unique and mesmerizing type of liqueur is truly one-of-a-kind. If you're looking for something to add a bit of sparkle and fun to your next gathering, look no further than shimmery liqueur.

So what is it? Shimmery liqueur is a combination of premium , Moscato, natural fruit flavors, and a one-of-a-kind shimmer. It can be served straight on the rocks or with favorite cocktail mixers such as tonic or . When poured into an ice-filled glass it can be garnished with an orange wheel for added flavor and color.

The shimmer comes from cocktail glitter which consists mainly of mica and natural food color. The food color used in cocktail glitter is made from real fruit and vegetables such as turmeric, red radish, beet root and others which makes them synthetic free and preservative free.

This type of liqueur has been gaining popularity in the last few years due to its unique flavor profile and vibrant colors. It was first introduced by VINIQ in 2012 who have since won 12 awards from the IWSC 2022 Distillerie Massenez for their Crème De Framboise Liqueur. Other distilleries such as Incendo Distillery with their Barrel And Bean Liqueur, Eckerts Wacholder Brennerei with their Jagdstolz Anheizer Liqueur, Mozart Distillerie with their Chocolate Cream Liqueur, Lucas Bols with Galliano L'Autentico, Migliore & Drinks with their Limoncello have also produced award winning versions of this unique drink.

If you're looking for something special to serve at your next gathering, consider trying out some shimmery liqueurs! With so many different versions available you are sure to find one that fits your taste buds perfectly! So go ahead and let your guests experience the magic that is shimmery liqueur!

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Serving Viniq Shimmery Liqueur

To serve Viniq shimmery liqueur, pour the desired amount into an ice-filled glass. You can enjoy it straight on the rocks or with your favorite cocktail mixers. For a more elegant presentation, garnish with an orange wheel. Alternatively, you can pour Viniq into a tall glass, stir thoroughly, add ice and then garnish with a mint sprig, a lime wedge and some berries. Whichever way you choose to serve it, Viniq shimmery liqueur is sure to please!

What Cocktails Can Be Made With Viniq?

Viniq is a unique blend of premium vodka, Moscato, and natural fruit flavors. It pairs exceptionally well with a variety of mixers, from juices and sodas to wines and energy drinks. Some classic combinations include Viniq and lemon-lime soda, Viniq and orange , or Viniq and cranberry juice. For something a bit more adventurous, you can also try mixing Viniq with sparkling or . To add some extra flavor to your drink, you can muddle in fresh herbs like mint or rosemary, or top your cocktail with fresh fruit like raspberries or strawberries.

What Type of Alcohol is Viniq?

Viniq is a unique spirit made from the combination of Moscato wine and vodka. It is not just one or the other, but a blend of both that creates a 20% ABV level drink. The flavor profile is sweet and fruity, with notes of peach, apricot, and strawberry. The vodka provides a smooth finish to the taste. Viniq has been crafted after five years of experimentation to bring together the best features of both spirits. It provides an interesting twist on alcoholic drinks, offering something new and exciting for those looking for something different.


In conclusion, shimmery liqueur is a unique and tasty alcoholic that is perfect for special occasions or just to enjoy with friends. It is made from premium vodka, Moscato, natural fruit flavors and a one-of-a-kind shimmer effect. Many award-winning liqueurs are available, such as those from IWSC 2022 Distillerie Massenez, Incendo Distillery, Eckerts Wacholder Brennerei, Mozart Distillerie and Lucas Bols. This type of liqueur can be served on the rocks or with cocktail mixers. Finally, the basic ingredients in Snowy River cocktail glitter are mica and natural food color made using real fruit and vegetable extracts.

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