Who Owns Bold Rock Cider?

Bold Rock is a well-known brand in the world of hard cider, offering a refreshing and flavorful made from locally sourced apples. Founded in 2012 by John Washburn and Brian Shanks, Bold Rock has quickly gained popularity for its commitment to using only the freshest Blue Ridge Mountain apples in its cider production.

The story behind Bold Rock Cider is one of passion and expertise. John Washburn, a dreamer and brand visionary, joined forces with Brian Shanks, a renowned cider expert, to create a cider that would stand out in a crowded market. Their goal was simple: to produce the best-tasting cider using the highest quality ingredients.

To achieve this, Bold Rock sources its apples from local orchards situated near their two cideries. By using apples that are grown close to home, they ensure that only the freshest and most flavorful fruit goes into their ciders. This commitment to sourcing locally also helps support the surrounding community and promotes sustainability.

In 2012, Bold Rock Cider opened its first cidery in Nellysford, Virginia. This picturesque location in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains provides the perfect setting for producing their premium cider. With a focus on traditional cider-making techniques, Bold Rock combines old-world craftsmanship with innovation to create a unique and delicious product.

Since its founding, Bold Rock Cider has experienced significant growth and success. In 2019, the company was acquired by Artisanal Ventures, a leading craft beverage company based in Charlotte, North Carolina. This partnership has allowed Bold Rock to expand its distribution and reach a wider audience, while still maintaining its commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

Today, Bold Rock offers a variety of hard cider flavors, including their popular flagship cider, Bold Rock Apple. They also have a range of seasonal and limited-edition ciders, showcasing the versatility and creativity of their cider-making process.

With its dedication to using locally sourced apples and a commitment to producing the best-tasting cider possible, Bold Rock Cider has become a staple in the craft cider industry. Whether enjoyed on its own or paired with a delicious meal, Bold Rock Cider offers a refreshing and enjoyable beverage for cider enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

As the company continues to grow and innovate, there's no doubt that Bold Rock Cider will remain a force to be reckoned with in the world of hard cider. So next time you're looking for a crisp and flavorful cider, reach for a Bold Rock and experience the taste of the Blue Ridge Mountains in every sip.

Who Is Bold Rock Owned By?

Bold Rock is owned by John Washburn and Brian Shanks. The company was founded by these two individuals in 2012. Washburn and Shanks are committed to producing the highest quality cider, and they achieve this by using only fresh-pressed Blue Ridge Mountain apples. These apples are sourced from local orchards located near Bold Rock's two cideries. By using locally grown apples, Washburn and Shanks ensure that their cider has a distinct and authentic flavor. Both founders are dedicated to the success and growth of Bold Rock, and their ownership of the company reflects their passion for creating delicious and high-quality cider.

who owns bold rock cider

Is Bold Rock Part Of Anheuser Busch?

Bold Rock Cidery is now a part of Anheuser Busch. They recently struck a deal with Anheuser Busch to distribute their four varieties of hard cider. This partnership allows Bold Rock to reach a wider audience and expand their distribution network. As a result, Bold Rock has begun commercial-scale bottling of their crisp tasting apple beverage. This means that their cider will be available in more locations and accessible to more people who enjoy hard cider. The collaboration with Anheuser Busch provides Bold Rock with the resources and expertise of a well-established beverage company, which can help them further grow their business and increase their market presence.

Who Founded Bold Rock Cider?

Bold Rock Hard Cider was founded by two individuals: John Washburn and Brian Shanks. John Washburn is described as a dreamer and brand visionary, while Brian Shanks is recognized as a world-renowned cider expert. The company was established in June of 2012 in Nellysford, Virginia.


Bold Rock Cider is a highly reputable and successful cidery that was founded in 2012 by John Washburn and Brian Shanks. With a commitment to using only fresh-pressed Blue Ridge Mountain apples, Bold Rock ensures that their ciders have the best taste possible. They source their apples from local orchards near their two cideries, further emphasizing their dedication to quality and supporting local growers.

Since its inception, Bold Rock Cider has gained recognition for its crisp and refreshing apple beverages. Their commitment to excellence has led them to partner with Anheuser Busch for distribution, further expanding their reach and making their ciders more widely available.

The acquisition of Bold Rock by Artisanal Brewing Ventures solidifies their position in the market and provides them with additional resources to continue growing and innovating. With their strong leadership, expertise in cider making, and dedication to using high-quality ingredients, Bold Rock Cider is well-positioned to continue thriving in the cider industry.

Bold Rock Cider is a shining example of a successful cidery that has captured the hearts and taste buds of cider enthusiasts. Their commitment to quality, local sourcing, and innovation has set them apart from their competitors and established them as a trusted and beloved brand in the cider market. With their continued dedication to excellence, Bold Rock Cider is sure to remain a top choice for cider lovers for years to come.

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