Celebrating Dad’s Legacy: The History Behind Dad’s Hat Pennsylvania Rye Whiskey

Welcome to Dad's Hat – a small, local distillery in the historic town of Bristol, Pennsylvania that produces genuine and honors my dad's love for the spirit.

My father was an avid fan of rye whiskey and always enjoyed having it at family gatherings. He had a special fondness for the spirit, so I decided to open up this small distillery in his honor, as a celebration of his legacy and all of the wonderful things he brought to our family.

At Dad's Hat, we take pride in making high-quality rye whiskey with traditional Pennsylvania-style recipes. Our mash is made up of just rye and malted barley to create a big whiskey with a chewy mouthfeel and dried rye spice notes that tame the barrel sweetness. Our process is supervised by James Anderson, a Scotsman who has been distilling rye since 1750 when it was first distilled in Pennsylvania by local farmers who blended it with corn.

If you're interested in seeing our distillery for yourself or learning more about how we make our whiskey, we offer one-hour tours most Saturday afternoons (by appointment only). We would love to show you around and share more about Dad's Hat with you!

We hope you enjoy tasting our genuine rye whiskey as much as my father did. Thank you for celebrating his legacy with us here at Dad's Hat!

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The Origin of Dad's Hat

Dad's Hat is made in Pennsylvania, the birthplace of genuine rye whiskey. It was created as a tribute to my father, who enjoyed rye whiskey and served it at his family's tavern. The hat is crafted with American-made materials and with care for quality to honor that era when many things were still manufactured in America.

Where is Dad's Hat Whiskey Produced?

Dad's Hat Pennsylvania Rye Whiskey is made at the historic Mountain Laurel Distillery in Bristol, Pennsylvania. Our distillery is located just outide of Philadelphia, in Bucks County's picturesque countryside. We use an old-fashioned process that has been handed down for generations to make our authentic rye whiskey. We begin by milling local grains, then mashing and distilling them before aging them in charred white oak . Finally, the whiskey is finished with a special blend of natural flavors, giving it a unique taste and character that can only be found in Dad's Hat. On most Saturday afternoons (by appointment only), we offer one-hour tours of our distillery where you can learn more about the process and get a behind-the-scenes look at how Dad's Hat is made.

The Characteristics of Pennsylvania Rye

Pennsylvania-style rye, also known as Old Monongahela rye, is a type of whiskey that has a mash consisting only of rye and malted barley. This type of whiskey tends to be bolder than oher whiskey varieties due to its high rye content. It has a chewy mouthfeel, with notes of drying rye spice that help to balance the barrel sweetness. Pennsylvania-style rye is produced in the state of Pennsylvania and can be found in many local establishments.


In conclusion, Dad's Hat is a special whiskey that has deep roots in Pennsylvania's rich history. Not only does it evoke the spirit of an optimistic era when tings were made with care and quality, but it also offers a unique flavor that celebrates the state's distilling heritage. It is made with genuine rye and malted barley, creating a big whiskey full of character. With its chewy mouthfeel and hints of spice, Dad's Hat is an excellent example of what Pennsylvania-style rye whisky has to offer. Tours are available by appointment, giving visitors an opportunity to learn more about Dad's Hat and enjoy the unique flavor for themselves.

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