Dos Desperados Brewery

Dos Desperados Brewery is a well-known and popular brewery located in San Marcos, California. With a rich history and a commitment to crafting high-quality, unique beers, Dos Desperados has become a favorite among enthusiasts in the area.

Founded by Steve Munson, Dos Desperados Brewery has gained a reputation for its innovative and flavorful brews. Munson, a former homebrewer, turned his passion for beer into a successful business venture. He has a deep appreciation for the art of and strives to create beers that are not only enjoyable but also push the boundaries of traditional brewing.

One of Dos Desperados Brewery's most famous and beloved beers is Desperados, a Mexican-inspired beer that combines the flavors of and beer. Desperados was first introduced in 1995 by the Fischer Brewery in Strasbourg, France. However, production of Desperados has since been moved to the Netherlands, following Heineken's acquisition of the brewery in 1996.

Desperados is a unique beer that offers a refreshing and distinct taste. With an by volume (ABV) of 5.9%, it provides a moderate level of alcohol content. The combination of tequila and beer creates a flavor profile that is both crisp and flavorful, making it a popular choice among beer enthusiasts.

Despite its popularity, Heineken USA has recently announced that Desperados will be discontinued in the United States. The decision was made to streamline Heineken USA's portfolio and simplify their operations. While this news may disappoint Desperados fans in the US, it is important to note that Dos Desperados Brewery will continue to operate and produce a wide range of other exceptional beers.

Dos Desperados Brewery is committed to providing a diverse selection of beers that cater to different tastes and preferences. From IPAs to stouts, their lineup includes a variety of styles that showcase their brewing expertise. Beer lovers can expect to find unique and bold flavors that are crafted with care and passion.

In addition to their dedication to brewing exceptional beers, Dos Desperados Brewery also prides itself on creating a welcoming and friendly atmosphere for visitors. The brewery features a spacious tasting room where patrons can enjoy their favorite brews and socialize with friends. The staff is knowledgeable and passionate about beer, always willing to share their expertise and recommendations.

Dos Desperados Brewery is a gem in the scene. With a commitment to quality, innovation, and community, they continue to create beers that captivate the taste buds of beer lovers. While the discontinuation of Desperados in the US may be disappointing, beer enthusiasts can rest assured that Dos Desperados Brewery will continue to offer a wide selection of exceptional brews for them to enjoy.

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Who Owns Dos Desperados Brewery?

Dos Desperados Brewery is owned by Steve Munson. Steve Munson is the sole owner and proprietor of the brewery. He is responsible for overseeing all operations of the business, from brewing and recipe development to marketing and sales. As the owner, Steve is deeply committed to creating high-quality craft beers that showcase his passion for brewing. He has a wealth of experience in the industry and strives to provide a unique and enjoyable experience for beer enthusiasts. Steve's dedication to his craft and his commitment to creating exceptional beers has made Dos Desperados Brewery a popular destination for beer lovers in the area.

Where Is Desperados Brewed?

Desperados, the popular beer brand, is currently brewed in the Netherlands. Originally, the Fischer Brewery in Strasbourg, France, founded in 1821, was responsible for producing Desperados. However, with the growing success of the beer, production was eventually shifted to the Netherlands. This move is not surprising, considering that the Dutch brewing giant, Heineken, acquired the Fischer Brewery in 1996. Since then, Desperados has been brewed in the Netherlands under the ownership and expertise of Heineken.


Dos Desperados Brewery is a renowned craft brewery located in San Marcos, California. Founded by Steve Munson, the brewery is known for its exceptional range of handcrafted beers that cater to a diverse range of palates. With a focus on quality ingredients and innovative brewing techniques, Dos Desperados Brewery has gained a loyal following of beer enthusiasts.

One of the standout offerings from Dos Desperados Brewery is their signature Desperados beer. This unique brew blends the bold flavors of a traditional beer with the refreshing zest of tequila. With an alcohol by volume (ABV) of 5.9%, Desperados offers a distinct taste experience that sets it apart from other beers in the market.

The success of Desperados prompted Heineken International to acquire the brand and move production to the Netherlands. However, it is important to note that Dos Desperados Brewery remains an independent craft brewery and continues to produce a wide range of exceptional beers for its dedicated customer base.

Dos Desperados Brewery's commitment to quality and innovation has earned them recognition and awards in the craft beer industry. The brewery's dedication to their craft is evident in every sip, making it a must-visit destination for beer enthusiasts in the San Marcos area.

Dos Desperados Brewery stands as a shining example of a craft brewery that values tradition, creativity, and exceptional taste. As they continue to brew their unique and delicious beers, their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction remains unwavering. Whether you're a fan of their flagship Desperados beer or eager to explore their other offerings, Dos Desperados Brewery is sure to leave a lasting impression on beer lovers everywhere.

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